When I called out …”Daaaaaaaaaaaad”

I was having my sunday afternoon beauty sleep that always follows the sunday lunch.I suddenly woke up cause I felt a sharp pain in my hand. I quickly got up and looked for the source or cause of the pain. And there it was, an insect looking ugly and seemed to have ugly stings.From what I could recall now, the insect kind of looked like the one below.

I think it bit me

All right, So it din’t exactly look this bad but to me who was woken up rudely in the middle of my well awaited sleep,this is how my brained described whatever I saw.Coming back to the story,I panicked. Without giving it a second thought I screamed, “Daaaaaaaaaaad. Daaaaaaaaaaddddy”. And my dad also in the middle of his beauty sleep came running. Dad, you’re such a  darling.One of these days , I’m gonna write a post on you.

Back to where we were, I consider myself to be a pretty independent woman. I try to do things on my own and get what ever I need on my own.But when seemingly trouble came, I called out for help. I called out for dad. Just like DJ in Full house (in the episode where a mega-crisis happened to her.) said, “Look dad,If there’s a serious problem that I cannot handle I’m gonna come to you for help.Just like I always did“. Now what surprised me what that though there were a lot of people in the house at the time of this event, I called out for dad.I guess my subconscious mind thinks, my daddy strongest.

I am really thankful to the Lord for giving me a home, where I feel safe.Where I feel loved and wanted.Where I know I can reach out for help whenever needed.Couple of my friends who visited me home last night for the first time, messaged after leaving, “All of us are happy to see that you are blessed with a sweet and loving family” . What can I say, indeed I feel blessed.


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