Girl, you are precious.

There are times when I watch shows because I like them. For instance, Full House, Friends, HIMYM etc. And there are times when I watch shows just because I cannot believe such shows are made.(Can’t think of an example cause I laugh it off) But ‘The Bachelor’ was something that I could not watch.At all. In India, I think season 11 is being aired right now and if I am right the guy in search of a wife is Brad Womack. I cannot stand this show as it makes a total mockery of the concept of ‘love’.Checking the website now, looks like none of the relationships worked.

The five minutes I watched, I saw girls crying over the fact that he did not give them a rose. There was one particular woman (whose name I do not know), crying saying “I can’t breathe.I can’t breathe” . GIVE ME A BREAK!!!! How can you be in love with a man who takes you out on dates with a lot of gals and spends few minutes with you every day.??? With a man whose life is being portrayed on the television(so obviously he is going to be on his best behavior) ?. How can you say that you are in love with a man who is constantly trying to evaluate you with other women??? CHEAP, don’t you think??

Girl, you were made to fall in love with a prince who loves you for who you are. With a man who will be a friend first. You were made to feel wanted. To feel loved. To feel safe that your prince will take care of you. You were made for the one man who will think the world of you.You are not someone to be trampled upon. Do not let your dignity down. Do not beg for love. Girl, let love find you. Be who were made to be. God’s lovely and most beautiful creation.

I found my prince. It won’t be long before you find yours.I promise.


6 thoughts on “Girl, you are precious.

    • @ Ava,

      I have a strange feeling that Mr.Bricks WILL ROCK on that show. I mean, after all that you have written on your blog about him, who CANNOT fall in love with him?

      Super excited u subscribed 🙂

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