Remembering the good old days

There was a time when I ran out to play with my neighborhood kids. We used to play shuttle in the hot sun much to our parent’s disapproval. But then who cared ? . I remember climbing on the sun shade of our house and jumping from one sun shade to the other. I loved climbing over the neighbor’s house walls when ever the ball we played with, landed there.

I remember once, when close to 6 of us were playing a game of ‘lock and key’ at around 12 in the night on the road.The very next day, one of the neighbors complained about the noise level. After that we always used to ‘shussh‘ each other when we played during the nights.Every time a vehicle passed through our roads, we would get so upset, cause it meant our game being disrupted. Gosh, those were the days.

Days passed by and each of us became busy with our own lives. We each went to different schools, majored in different subjects and soon moved away to different cities.There are times when we do meet each other and talk but its simply not the same.We just don’t feel connected/close anymore.

Thinking about this, makes me wonder what ever happened that changed things between our gang?And the only explanation I can think of , is that we din’t stay in touch.  we got busy. We stopped missing  our play times. I can’t help thinking now, that is what happens between us and God too. We get so busy that we stop thinking about God. We seem to be getting on just fine without God and this makes us wonder why we need Him or whether He exists.I’m not here to preach about God.Rather, I’m just saying that this is one of the ways we lose God.


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