This day, Last year.

My gentleman 🙂

Few years back, I met this tall fellow who seemed to be a real nice gentleman. He stayed in my heart thus. Soon after, I got to know him and understood that this gentleman had lots of sides to him like funny, absolutely crazy, sleepy after 10 in the night, God-fearing,an awesome driver,responsible etc.(Actually I could go on for hours but I’m gonna stop myself here .:) ) I fell in love with this gentleman who I now call  ‘my special someone’.

It has been a whole year since Arun and I got married and it has been an amazing one year so far. True, that we actually stayed together for only 4 months in the last year but this one year as a whole had been fun. Much as we hate the fact that we are apart, in a way, we do make use of the distance to tell each other how much we value and love each other. Its a feeling that I cannot put into words.

On a lighter not, Our relationship has always been a long distance relationship and seems to continue thus even after marriage.There are days when the distance gets to us and really upsets us, but then, those are the days that God’s grace comes like a wind and sees us through.If I were to be completely honest, I should say that it was God who in His divine plan brought us together and for this, I WILL EVER BE THANKFUL.

Friends are one of God’s ways to show us He cares. And God saw it neccesary to place a lot of praying and genuinely caring friends in our lives. Our wedding for a dream come true for the both of us and we want to say a big thank you to all our friends who stood by us all though our lives so far to help us see this day, last year.We love you.


4 thoughts on “This day, Last year.

  1. Congratulations!!!!! God bless the two of you richly!!!!! Hope you guys aren’t apart for long!!!! Look forward to greater years of joy and happiness 🙂

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