You know you are an Indian, if ….

There are some reads in my life that I don’t quite forget. This topic is one such read. I read an article in the ‘Young World’  years back (My guess is, more than 10 years back.Cause, those were the days when I regularly read the Young World) and for some weird reason, I woke up today morning with that thought in mind. (Think I’ve become too obsessed with blogging ).All that I could remember from that article was this.

You know you are an Indian when,

  1. You are 30 and still living in your parents house.
  2. You say goodbye and still end up talking for 30 mins outside the house you visited.

I could not remember any more, so I googled for it. And the result was that , I was offended. Most of the articles on this topic were compiled or put together by NRI’s or outsiders. Now, I don think it is fair, for those who come here for a visit, to stereotype the whole nations. IT IS JUST NOT RIGHT.

So as an Indian who has lived in India her whole life, this is my list. After reading around,I’ve picked up the ones that seem funny and legit.So, here goes.

  1. The only professional choice that you had or knew while growing up were Doctor, Engineer and…um…. WAIT. Thats pretty much all the choice you had.
  2. You’ve always been compared to other’s kid who seemed ALWAYS better than you in everything. (Or atleast, thats what your mom n dad said).
  3. You’ve been taught Valentine’s day is a BAD DAY.(but you have no idea why)
  4. You’ve learnt to bargain about rates of things even if the prices are ROCK BOTTOM.
  5. You’ve called anybody close to your parents age as ‘Aunty’ and ‘Uncle’ and anybody between your age and ‘Aunty’ , ‘Uncle’ age as ‘akka’ and ‘anna’
  6. At restaurants’ water was your beverage and the concept of  dessert was unheard of. (TRUE STORY!)
  7. You did not know for a very long time that the furnitures in your house had to match the ambiance of the room.(Thank the English channels on the television for making you wiser.)
  8. You’ve always had dresses and shoes brought a size bigger when you were small. So you could grow in them.
  9. You like to answer most of the questions put forth to you with a nod of the head.
  10. You know someone who works in companies like Wipro,Infosys or TCS. (Think HARDER.There is always a neighbor or a friend or a brothers friend etc etc.)

I personally like the 10th reason , the best. All the reasons that I’ve listed out above were those I have personally experienced. But things are changing these days. Reasons 1-7 have definitely changed these days but 8-10 are definitely here to stay. At least for another decade.

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4 thoughts on “You know you are an Indian, if ….

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. You left such nice comments, that I had to check out your place. Nice 🙂

    Great list. Number 6 is me (and I’m not Indian). Our family is water all the way at a restaurant and dessert just doesn’t happen. It costs waaaay to much money for a family of four!

  2. Good one andy! 1, 2 and 4 are perfectly said. Especially 4 🙂 . In relation to 3 I was told by my parents (mostly mum) not I hang out with ‘a girl’ (singular), but allowed to hang out with a bunch of girls. 🙂 . One of the reasons why I never had a girl friend when I was in school

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