My Brain and ME

Everyone has a brain. Right? It’s NO BIG DEAL. I often wonder why some people go the heights to hide it from others. (Note to myself. Should write a post on that someday.) OK. Coming back to what I wanted to say here. I HAVE A BRAIN.( Did you just scream out. ‘I KNEW IT’?  Good for you. You are smart.) So back to where I was. (Gosh. Writing this post seems to take longer than usual.)

I have a brain. (Now, why am I restating that?? Just so that, you are clear with what I’m gonna say now). There are times when I follow what my brain says and times when I totally ignore what my brain says. (YES. My brain talks). For instance, I’m going to consider an incident that happened few hours ago. (YES. I’ve kinda become a blog addict.)

I was driving my bike when I wanted to make a call. I slowed down by the side of the road and came to an almost standstill. Or at least thats what my wonderful brain told me.That I had parked. (Thanks a lot BRAIN.(Read sarcastically. (Now I wonder if nested brackets are allowed in English language.Gotto check that out))). But in reality,(this post is taking a lot of your brain activity to follow up with right??? Ha HA HA (evil laughter!)) I had not parked. My bike was still in motion (very very slow motion) And unknowingly I had stopped on a sandy part of the road. I reached out into my pocket to pull out my phone.So the scenario right now is, I am driving the bike very very slowly on a sandy part of the road on one hand.(The other hand is pulling out my phone). The RESULT??? I almost dropped the bike. For a few seconds (that seemed to last like a lifetime) I was struggling not to drop the bike and bring it back to balance.

Now,it is these few seconds that resulted in me writing this blog.For that few seconds, my brain (read STUPID Brain) constantly told me, I had fallen. That I am gonna fall. I could even see a very embarrassing picture of me on the ground underneath my bike.(Remember, some novels, u read lines like. ‘My whole life flashed in front of me’?? And you wondered if it was possible to see your whole life in a matter of few seconds???? IT IS POSSIBLE.). I don’t know what part of my body made me try not to fall, but thanks to whatever part that was, I kept trying to balance and finally succeeded in not being  on the ground.

You know how most people, the moment they fall or do something embarrassing, they look around to see who all noticed?. Well, I am not one of those people. I quickly moved away from that place 🙂 (My Brain works like this at such moments : Why see someone who you know and then end up worrying what they thought?? No see nobody. NO WORRY). Anyway coming back to my brain, I was really glad that I did not listen to my brain this time.

But, there are always times when I don’t listen to my brain and end up feeling sorry for it. For instance, I was not hungry today afternoon. MY brain said.’EAT.OR YOU WILL BE HUNGRY LATER’. I ignored my brain and decided not to eat(I did eat a little for my mom’s happiness). Now, this very moment, I really wish I had listened to my brain.Cause, I am so very very hungry. Gotto go and fix myself something to eat now.


DISCLAIMER : The author sincerely apologizes to her readers if she made her reader’s brain work harder than usual in reading this post. But if you did enjoy reading this post,the author wonders if you could be such a wonderful darling and rate this post by clicking on the 5th star you see below?  CLICK the 5th start. From your left. The 5th start.Not the first one. But the 5th star, which should display excellent nearby. Thanks


4 thoughts on “My Brain and ME

  1. Great post Dorcas! Maybe you could add a note at the top that says “Proceed to read only if there is anything in your cranium that works!!!” 😉

    Best Wishes,

  2. Andy… I See that You Have A LOT OF TIME …….
    I totally agree with you Addy.
    AndyNext tym you write something you should warn the viewer that they also need to bring a cup of coffee along 😛


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