Check your mood . For free

Have you ever wondered about the various applications that seem to make rounds in Facebook? Some are really eye-catchy and thought-provoking. Or in my case, I should say, blog provoking. One particular app that caught my attention was ‘Check your mood. For free.’ . Oh yea. You bet I will.

If I were to beleive in this application, then perhaps this is how I will be living my life.

My eyes feel heavy.I need to wake up.I have so much work to do.

Where’s my laptop? O where did I leave it last night?It’s not on my bed.I need to know how I feel today.’

I look around.It’s not on its stand.I remember watching a movie last night. Sitting on the chair.

Oh! I remember. I left it on the side table next to the bed

I quickly switch it on. ‘I have so much work to do but how can I start the day without knowing how my mood is? My whole day depends on that. My reaction to things depend on that.’

I log into Facebook. I open my applications and choose ‘Check my mood. For free’. I waited anxiously for the result.And then it appears.

I was too embarrassed to post this to my wall.

Noooooooo!. I cannot be feeling unhappy today. I have so much to do. If I am unhappy, then I must cry.Then I must be depressed. I have to go out and buy myself  lots of chocolate based pastries to make myself feel better. Unless…. Maybe , I can try again. Will I be defying laws of nature if I try again? Maybe. But do I want to take the risk?

I pause. I decide. ‘I need a better mood today’. I click ‘try again’. I wait forgetting to breathe. ‘Will I be struck down by lightning for not accepting my mood?’

The application comes to life.

I breathe. ‘Good.I’m not dead. But Noooooo. This is still not better. I need a better mood today. Maybe… Maybe I can try again.’

I try again. This time little more hopeful that nothing bad will happen to me for refusing to accept what the system decided my mood was.

Yipee! ‘ I almost scream out for joy. ‘ This is how I want to feel today.My work will get done now. But I sure do hope that the laws of Facebook will not strike me down for refusing to accept what it threw at  me.’

I get out of bed. I feel on top of the world.’ After all, I’m 90% happy ain’t I?’. I smile. There cannot be a more confident person than me right now.


Considering the number of crazy people in the world right now, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone out there is already behaving like this. I just hope that I never get to be that someone any time in my life.


7 thoughts on “Check your mood . For free

  1. What people seems to forget is, when we press the dreaded “allow” button, the app gets full access to all ur info and can post anything in ur status 🙂

    Unlike computers and mobile phones, facebook apps are hosted in a remote server 🙂

  2. I clicked your blog from mine and love it! funny, interesting and informative!! I look forward to future posts!

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