HELP! I’m beginning to crack.

I’ve been blogging since 2006. I have a lot of blogs some of which I have disowned. Some, I still try to maintain. For example, my tech blog and a blog that I am writing with my favorite personal moments(Its a private blog that I am writing for my kids to read 🙂 . Got this idea from watching too much of How I met Your Mother). But this blog, the Escape Route will always be special to me.

Though I have been blogging for a long time, I was never quite serious about it.I wrote when I felt like and what ever I felt like. But that was when, no one read my blog. Since the beginning of this year, I vowed to post everyday. Its’ been 20 days and I think I am going crazy. All I can seem to think of, is what to blog next. Everything that I see, everything that I hear and feel wants to become a post. My mind is busy all the time, thinking of what my next post is gonna be.

My tasks in gmail consists of possible blog topics.The first thing I check in the morning when I wake up is my blog stats. I’ve been told by seniors in the Blogging field to not be too concerned about the stats but hey, I can’t help myself.I get excited when someone ‘likes’ my post and super excited when someone comments on my post. Need I say what happens when someone subscribes to my blog?

Every time I post something, I am anxious. I wonder what kind of reviews I am gonna get.From my past 20 days experience, I’ve understood that posts that seem awesome to me are not so awesome to the readers and vice versa.(As long as the vice versa happens, I am happy). I feel like I don’t want disappoint my readers. I don’t want to make them unsubscribe me. Do I sound paranoid? (I am only 20 days old and have 5 subscribers ) .And I am already CRACKING under the pressure. HELP!

I have friends who are really honest about my posts.(Thanks Dinny) and a not so regular reader hubby.(He likes to sit on Saturdays and read all that I have posted for the past week.Should I complain?)But the wonderful part in this whole experience is this. I love blogging.It is as simple as that. It gives me happiness to just write my thoughts and to have people reading them is a bonus.And though my mind is obsessed about writing, I am totally loving it. I think that this is the kind of pressure I’ll always look forward to.Every day.

I want to know how many of my readers are blogger’s themselves. So, would you mind taking the poll? Thanks a bunch.


17 thoughts on “HELP! I’m beginning to crack.

  1. Hey, thats exactly what I don’t like about blogging. I want to not care about what the readers are thinking, but it gets the better of me eventually…

    I read somewhere that blogging is like singing to an empty auditorium. I wish I could keep it that way.. I am sure it would help write better and uninhibitedly.

    And angel…. I am also a regular reader!! Y is my name not included!!

  2. angel this is my suggestion 🙂

    you dont HAVE to update everyday. its the quality not the quantity tat matters.

    when ever u feel compelled to write on something update.

    i think, a post will be better, when it comes out of ur real life, than selecting a topic and writing on tat.

  3. Dinny.. u r missing my point. I am saying that I like doing this. Your comment kinda makes me feel as if u think I am updating because I have to and not because I want to. 🙂

  4. I agree with you dorcas! Although I do want to blog, I constantly fret over possible blog posts and so have to resort to blogging just once a week!!!

    Keep at it…
    Best Wishes,
    Addy 🙂

  5. I think we need to start a Blogger’s Addiction support group designed to wean us bloggers off the stats dependency!

    Don’t feel compelled to write every day – if you don’t want to. And try not to stress yourself out about what others will think of the post. (Easier said than done.) I just scheduled a post for tomorrow that I’m not sure how it will be received, but right now, I don’t much care because I have some peace of mind. I did the post for me.

    I guess that’s my core point: do the posts for YOU. Also keep this in mind: no one is going to like every post you do. I think statistically, that’s impossible 😉

  6. First thing, I thought you already had kids 🙂

    Writing for your “future” kids is an awesome idea, even if you picked it from “How I Met..” (Love Barney though). Maybe I’ll try that too.

    I have a backlog of 100 post ideas, that are maintained in Evernote, Notepad, my brain..I now think that will always stay there. I started that list hoping that one day, when I run out of topics,that list will come in handy. But I never seem to run out of ideas and rarely get time to sit down and write, after my day(software) job. So the list stays and grows:-)

    It’s not easy to post regularly. Life just keeps cutting in. I even tried my own experiments

    Next, “love thy stats”. When I first revived my present blog (my 3rd blog) in Jan 2010, I just had 1000 visits and almost no subscribers. After a new post, I would open stats page for like 20 times in a day at work. 365 days later, 13000+ visits later, 85+ posts later I’m not as stat crazy. But I’m still comment crazy (that’s why I’m here).
    BTW did you link your blog to facebook yet? So that every new post here creates a wall post on your facebook – Helps your friends keep track of your posts.

    My soon-to-be-wife is my favorite reader. I wrote about that here as a guest author.
    (Feel free to forward this to your hubby)

    I like your writing. Its personal, simple yet well-written. Just keep it up.
    (Dammit got to get back to my job..crap!)

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