The donkey brays

You’ve heard of the phase, ‘the donkey brays.’ . But have you heard  a donkey braying? I did today. I think that I must have heard it before this too, but since my brain is constantly on the look out for topics to blog about, the donkey braying today, caught my attention.

If you have not heard the donkey bray before, then you probably will not understand when your voice is compared to a donkey’s.(It is not a good thing BTW when your voice is compared to a donkey or when the word donkey or anything related to the word donkey is mentioned any time during your singing).So, All I’m going to do here is attempt to explain the sound the donkey makes when it brays.

We put into words the braying as ‘Hee-Haw’ . Now, I’m going to explain the ‘Hee’ part. To pronounce this sound, try saying the word ‘he’ . Stress on the ‘h’ and prolong the ‘e’. Now, to produce the sound, exhale through your mouth as you try pronouncing it. Try to make this as high pitched as possible.(Remember how Ross in F.R.I.E.N.D.S often makes this noise when he tries to explain dinosaurs or when he is stuck for words). Thats the kind of noise you should be aiming for.

To say the ‘Haw’ part, make it quick. This should only take one-fourth of the time you took to pronounce the ‘Hee’ part.Exhale as you say it. Actually, the ‘haw’ part is pretty simple compared to the ‘hee’ part. There you go. You’ve mastered the art of donkey braying. To sound exactly like a donkey, repeat this sound continuously without stopping for say,30 times.

For, better sound effect and feel, run around the block 25 times and then try this exercise. Believe me, this will leave you breathless, but with an amazing sound.


8 thoughts on “The donkey brays

  1. I have heard a donkey’s bray and, although your instructions for duplicating the sound are marvelous, I’m going to have to refrain from trying it. I’d get all kinds of strange looks if I ran around the block (I don’t think I could make it once, much les 25 times) and stood in the driveway braying.

    Great for a chuckle though…thanks!

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