I south pole, take thee North Pole, to be my lawfully wedded…..

This post is aimed at those who are in search of their soul mate/ who have already found their soul mate and struggling with interest conflicts. So, when did I become a relationship expert? Umm… I’m actually not.So feel free to throw my ideas aside 🙂

Sometimes, some of us may expect our spouse to share in our interest. For example, most of the girls like feel good chick flick movies and most of the guys prefer action stuff (though I can personally never understand why). And we feel offended and disappointed at times when we can’t get them to sit and watch our favorite movies.

OK. So here is the thinking part.Wouldn’t life get a little boring if your spouse liked the same things as you? I mean, both of you will end up doing the same things that you pretty much did before you were married.You would not get to know any other sport/genre of music/ cuisines etc other than what you already knew.I personally think that there is a mystery to each liking of our spouse that differs from ours.

God knows that I do not want to be married to someone just like me(Would you?).I mean, I have my own faults and I certainly do not want my spouse to have my faults.He can have his own faults. That kinda helps both of us to grow closer by helping each other through difficult times.

Between Arun and me, one of us like to read and write while the other cannot or will not involve in anything that involves reading and writing(Kinda obvious who is who right?), one of us loves listening to sermons while the other cannot (that’s me), one of us is a movie maniac while the other cannot keep the eyelids open for more than 15 mins while watching any movie, one of us loves English shows/songs and the other tamil. But what I love is the fact that we end up doing everything together and it is great fun.(I have to keep poking Arun every 5 mins during our movie watching and I end up sleeping at times in the middle of a movie because my darling hubby was too deep in sleep to respond to my poking)

The point I’m trying to make is, enjoy the interest differences in your marriage. Encourage each other in every interests and make sure you share in your spouse’s interest. That’s the main point. Share and enjoy the differences. Cause, life is too creative to confine yourself to one particular area.


6 thoughts on “I south pole, take thee North Pole, to be my lawfully wedded…..

  1. Very nice. Your blog posts are pretty short, and to-the-point with zero ramblings.

    Reg the films, music, reading/writing – sounds very much like Smitha and I. With us, it extends to technology and zoology as well (leave it to you to figure out which one loves which)

    But thankfully, we both love God – and that’s what really matters at the end of the day, doesn’t it?

  2. You put a nice spin on marriage. Many women mistakenly think their soul mate is someone who is a “Yes” man; a man who will love to do everything she does. The fact is people are different and difference should not always been seen as a source of conflict. I think it is exciting when you meet someone with interests unlike yours because it expands your world. However, there should be enough similarities to keep the relationship relevant. Now my deal breaker is men who don’t like the movies or amusement parks. That is just blasphemous!!!!

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