LiFe… How will you define it?

I’ve been reading the ‘Purpose Driven Life‘ for a few days now and I must say that the book is awesome if you decide to pause and think about what is said in it.

My point to ponder today, is about Life and how would I define it?I looked it up on the internet and the most exciting answer I could find to the definition of life is ‘the experience of being alive‘. The biological definition of life can be found here. But this seems to be one question that can never have a correct answer.I think, the answer to the definition of life can only be personal.

I sat down trying to find out what my definition of life was. I could not come up with a solid statement and so I decided to write down the words that I could relate with Life. And surprisingly the only word that screamed out to me from that paper was ‘Peace‘. So, it that was life meant to me? I went out on a mind journey trying to make sense of this.

I am not a ‘living on the edge’ person. I am not a ‘excitement seeking’ person. While some people enjoy the rush of diving off a cliff, I would rather sit on a couch with my darling by my side.Now, don’t get me wrong that I’m a indoor person. I’m not. I enjoy walks along the empty road. I love nature and all that it has to offer. I love loud music (at times).I love eating out. But in all this, I enjoy my peace. I enjoy the feeling of security, home and family brings. I enjoy more the silence around me. I enjoy my Peace.

So I guess it makes sense that My definition of life would be ‘the experience of peace’ . And the peace that I am talking about comes from believing that my Lord walks with me every step I take.If you do not understand this post, that’s ok. This is supposed to me a more of a self realization post. But I want you to think about what is your definition of life.

So, What is you definition of life?. What matters most to you? And what are you doing about it?


7 thoughts on “LiFe… How will you define it?

  1. Really good post here Dorcas! Even at times I do sit quietly and think about how my life has been and will be! Although am not old, I think I do have quite an amount of “experiences” that makes me ponder this question!

    My definition of life would be “Viewing inside a kaledioscope filled with human emotions patiently!”

    “Patience is a virtue” and I realized that lesson the hard way! I also have not been that lucky the first time, so I always keep my fingers doubly crossed the second time around!

    “Never trust anyone” is one lesson that I have learnt it again and again! If I want to be friendly with a person it ultimately backfires and I feel like getting one tight slap from life!

    Sorry If I took up so much of your space 😉
    Best Wishes,

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