Management Gimmicks … GRrrrrrr

Ever been on the receiving end of the management Gimmicks? Umm…Not sure what I’m talking about? Let me rephrase it for you. Have you ever felt cheated by any management that made you feel like a king/ queen only to later on realize that they said all the things that they said only to make you do the job? Rings a bell? Yours truly, has been there a lot.

BTW, did you know that wiki defines gimmick as ‘a unique or quirky special feature that makes something “stand out” from its contemporaries.’. I so think not Mr.Jimmy Wales. I agree to it being used ‘as a slang term for something that a con artist or magician had his assistant manipulate to make appearances different from reality.’

Anyway, coming back to what I was saying, I hate it when that happens.Recently, I’ve been freelancing as a trainer and a particular firm was interested in using my services. They called and called and called me until I kinda reluctantly agreed to handle the job at hand. They told me that they wanted me because they got good reviews about my previous sessiosn and to quote their exact words, they said ‘We don’t want just anybody.We want you’. Gosh, who would not like to hear these words. And I felt on top of the world at that moment. I agreed to take it up.

The next day at work, I find out that I had to handle something that was totally not my area of expertise. And this fact was totally not mentioned to me.Actually the previous night, I got a mail from them regarding the topics to be covered and I immediately replied back asking if the mail was indeed meant for me as the topics involved do not fall under my category. NO REPLY.I assumed the mail was a mistake as the firm had previously used my services and was aware of my full profile.

So, the next day, I reported to work, stumbled through that day after using my lunch break to prepare on those topics and by the end of that day firmly said a no for the next day’s session. And they refused to pay me. Ahhh. I could not believe my ears.Forget about my payment, I felt really small. Hey! Where is the ‘You are queen’ attitude?. I later came to know that one of their regular trainers were on leave that day and that kinda explained them worshiping me for a day.

Now, To all the management guys out there, I know being in management means you should be equipped with dealing with all kinds of people, but can’t you try being a little transparent in your dealings?. Like give us (non-management guys) all the info being letting us fall into your trap.Can you try a little bit more honesty when you act?

Ever been there ?. Would love to know what you did.


5 thoughts on “Management Gimmicks … GRrrrrrr

  1. I completely agree with you Dorcas! As a former management student and an ex-intern, I truly understand what you’ve mentioned here! I had to deal with such situations right from college!

    As a topper of the class, I was awarded extra praise as a bait for me to hook their line for doing some extra work. However I realized that soon enough and did put my foot down.

    And as an intern, I did face some contrictive situations from “colleagues”, nevertheless it was all a wonderful learning experience!

    Apparently now I enjoy my freedom more than before.

    “In the world of management or business, one day your king/queen;the next day your kaput!”

    Best Wishes,
    PS:Great post by the way 😉

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