My interview as appeared on WordPress

Ha ha. Fooled you Din’t I? Told you. You should get your own blog so you can type what ever you want.You can even be the president.Hey! I got you to read this, Din’t I? Now, thats a tip here.Always come up with a catchy caption.Now, that you’ve read so far, you might as well read the whole post.What say?

Since no one is interested in interviewing me,(no one so far and looks like that’s how it is gonna be in the near future), I decided to do a self interview. So, hope you enjoy this and maybe you will be inspired to interview me. Someday.(Just Hoping.That’s all.) Get the hint, People.

So, Angel, tell us a little bit about why and how you got into blogging?

Oh! I’m not really sure who introduced me to blogs but I think it was kinda an in thing in college.All of us had blogs. We rambled our everyday life and stuff like that.But somehow, since I love writing so much, guess I stuck to maintaining my blog.

So, where do you get your inspiration from? Our fans would really like some tips.

Umm. Look around. There are so many things around you. If you can focus your mind on one particular topic and think about it for 3 minutes. Bingo! you have your blog topic. It is a matter of putting into words your thoughts.

Do you ever experience what some writers call the writer’s block?

I do. As a matter of fact, I do. But thankfully mine has not lasted for more than a day.Of, course me being a newbie in everyday blogging can also be considered here.So, so far, Nope. No trouble from there.

So, what would you do if you experience the writer’s block.?

I would simply not blog and wait for my inspiration to come again.So now my fans can know that in case I do not post for a couple of days together, you know what that means right?

What do you think about Freshly Pressed?

Freshly Pressed (for the benefit of non WordPress users) is a collection of best different posts which kind of ensures that you get a lot of hits on your blog.While it is my dream to get featured in Freshly Pressed at least once, I don’t think about it often(NOT).I think its okay.(Read AWESOME)

Angel, I understand you have been with WordPress for quite some years now. What do you think about it.?

I think WordPress is just awesome. I mean to have your own site free of cost. Now, I know a lot of providers do provide space for people to rant and rave about their life, but WordPress kind of stands apart from all of the others.I mean, it is too good in ways that other blogging sites cannot even be compared to it.WordPress is the best.You know what I mean.

Are you really this satisfied with WordPress or are you sucking up for any reason like you know to become Freshly Pressed?

I DON”T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT. (If only this question ruins my chances of becoming Freshly Pressed, I am never ever going to give you another interview.)

So, this post is not even a weak attempt to be Freshly Pressed?

Hmph. I choose to not answer this question.

(Angel walks out angry).

P.S I desperately need to be Freshly Pressed. So this is just one of the many attempts that will follow to be Freshly Pressed. All Freshly Pressed Bloggers are welcome to give me a few tips and all aspiring to be Freshly Pressed bloggers share with me if this bothers you at all.

Countdown : 8 days to go (For those of you who are new and wondering what the countdown is for, click here.


12 thoughts on “My interview as appeared on WordPress

  1. Very Very different post Dorcas! Maybe I should try it, but scared that it will be a “tad” too long to finish in a day ( True Meaning: I have so many questions with equally complex answers 😉 )

    Best Wishes,

  2. I’ve got a couple suggestions: when you put tags with a post, look at the “Popular Tags” on WordPress and use ones that are applicable (I saw this as a tip on someone’s instructional post many months ago.)

    Second: Write what interests you and write from the heart. I think when you do this it will distract you from your goal of FP – and it will benefit your writing. A win/win situation. (I can assure you, it didn’t cross my mind that one of my most embarrassing moments would be pressed. I probably wouldn’t have written it. I just thought it was a fun post and some of my regular visitors might get a chuckle at what an idiot I am.)

    I don’t know how they decide which posts to feature or what makes a post a good candidate. Sorry, I’m not much help. 🙂

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