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I refuse to be a good cook. By CHoIcE

This post is the result of an hour’s hard work in the kitchen trying to cook food just like my mother.The outcome? My food still does not tastes like my mom’s food.

My mom is an awesome cook. She does not try lot of new stuff (unlike me,So score for me on that) but what she does cook, she does it amazingly tasty. Right from the potatoes she does to the chicken she cooks, everything tastes awesome.Should I even mention the sambhar she makes?If Barney were to taste this, he would stop calling everything else legendary.That’s how awesome it is.

So every time I make a dish that I know my mom makes, I keep comparing the final taste to hers’ and mine always falls short of my expectation.Now my hubby tells me that every dish I cook is awesome.I will truly believe that if he still says it after 5 years.

Sometimes I keep wishing my mom was not such a good cook.Would take an awful lot of pressure away from me.So, to all the wonderful cooking moms out there…. Think again. Are you sure you want to cook this good? I mean, Think about us…your daughters.. Would you like us to mentally torture ourselves that we don’t cook as good as you do?

So, as a favor to my future kids, I refuse to be a good cook.By CHOICE.

P.S Mom and dad, I know you read my blog. Don’t worry, I’m not making Arun cook. I’m not making him buy food from outside.I am cooking lots of things at home.All this frustration is simply because I made sambhar and it din’t taste like yours.

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Where are we heading?

For the past couple of days, I’ve been quite busy with setting up our house, getting used to the climate and acting married again, that I had no time to read the news.So after almost a week, I read the news again and realized, that I had been living in a bubble.

My mind was filled with thoughts about hubby, house, canada, pretty clouds and many other things. Everything was so perfect.Seemed like there was only happiness all around me.Felt like happiness was the only emotion someone could ever face. Until I read the news.My pretty pink bubble broke.

I read about the earthquake in Christchurch and my heart skipped a beat.I read about the four American hostages killed by the somali pirates.I read about the collector abducted by the maoists.I read about Egypt, I read about Libya.I read all these news a little late but as I read them, I was thrown into a world of reality.That all those affected are people just like me. Someone lost their husband. Someone lost their parent.Someone lost their best friend.

There isn’t much I can do sitting where I am right now to help all those people.My sympathy is not going to help anyone out there.But what I do every-time I read news like these is, I pledge to myself. That If I ever come across a situation like this, I’m gonna help someone rather than run away.It might sound silly now, but that’s all right.To me, it screams sense.That brings us to the question, Where are we as a world heading to? , I guess the answer is ‘We’ll never know’.

So what’s your reaction when you look at the sad things happening in this world?

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Up above the world so high.

There are some sights that I can`t seem to  forget even after weeks.And this post is about one of them.

I took my first plane journey ever in my life 17 days back.And it was quite an experience for me. Right from the take off to the landing, I savored every minute of my 20 hr flight.If you knew me, You would know that I am a person who finds great joy and happiness in the simple things.Like the rain falling, a child laughing, the street lights, the ocean and pretty much anything I can stare at.So you can imagine how I would have felt when I saw the world from the plane’s window.

Remember how, when someone’s really happy, we say that they are on cloud nine or that they are flying high?I dint’ really know what it truly means until I saw it myself.When I looked out of the window of the plane, it felt like a whole new world out there.A world where the sun shone all the time and and a world where blue and white were the only color you could see. A world where as far as your eye could see, there are nothing but cheerful and happy clouds.

And the end of the horizon looked like a mighty sea.A mighty sea of just clouds. Floating around. Happy colors of blue. Made me want to jump into the clouds. I felt that I could float if I stepped out of the plane. It was a world that had no buildings, no rain, no people, no politics, no pain, no suffering. It was a world of clouds. Nothing else.A beautiful beautiful world.

Made me wonder again and again, if this could look so beautiful, heaven must be indescribable.

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Sight to my imagination

My hubby asked me a question today, if Calgary matched with what ever I had imagined. I answer, ‘Yes. And much more’.You see, I grew up reading up reading books like Secret Seven, Famous Five, Nancy Drew, Malory Towers and comics like Archie and Tintin. While kids my age played, I sat reading. Mainly because my darling brother hated playing and he would always read. I picked up the habit from him.

I started reading when I was around 10 (I think).What these book did to me was open up a whole wide world of imagination.A world where I could imagine every thing I was reading.When Jo,Bessie and Fanny climbed up the Faraway tree, I climbed with them. I visited every new land that visited the Faraway tree.When George,Annie, Dick and Julian hugged Timmy, I hugged him too. Whenever someone knocked on door when the Secret Seven meetings were held, I whispered the password with them.I laughed with Claudine at the pranks she played in St.Claire.

What these books also did, was describe the landscape. When a book said, ‘Snow covered mountains’, I saw it. When a  book said, ‘As far as he could see, there was nothing’ , I felt the desperation. When a book said, ‘He would not entrust his beloved to any arms but his own’ , I smiled at the love. When a book said, ‘She knelt down to pray’, I prayed along.

This is one of the reason why I find reading so much fun. I get into the book and imagine along with the character.When in High School, I started watching English television. I saw what Diners were. I saw malls.I saw parties. I saw roads, the highways. I saw huge buildings. I saw Mc.Donald’s. I had an idea how life in the ‘foreign’ was. Somehow for me(when I was small), the term foreign always meant  America / Canada / Australia etc. Basically where all the white  complexioned  people lived. 🙂

So now that I am here in the ‘foreign’ land, is this how I had imagined everything would be? Yes, It is. Though the landscape and the lifestyle did not come as a surprise to me, I do feel my heart leap every time I go out. I do feel like doing the dance when I see snow. I do feel like jumping up and down when I see the houses. I do feel like running along the road. I do feel like rolling on the floors.

So, I guess the child inside of me still exists. My imagination is still alive.Only now, I can see with my own eyes.And for this, I will,for all eternally be grateful to the Lord who made it all happen.

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My Blogging life.

Everyday morning, after hubby leaves for work, I fix myself a cup of coffee, sometimes my sandwich near by and log into the computer.I open my reader and I read the blogs that I follow. What to some people, the combination of newspaper and coffee does, my blog reading and coffee does to me.

It’s been two months since I took up blogging quite seriously.And in those two months, I learnt quite a lot.As every blog newbie, I wanted my page stats to look nice. And one trick that everyone seemed to suggest, was me reading new blogs and leaving a comment so that people can track back to me. Hence, more hits on my blog. So I started doing that.But what started as an innocent selfish action, led me to a couple of cool blogs.

I know now, that there are other people who love blogging. People whose lives are pretty interesting to follow.People whose lives are way different from mine. And people who live lives similar to mine.It has been quite a journey so far.

I follow few blogs regularly.I followed few other blogs and decided to un-follow them for various reasons.I found some blogs boring and some over rambling. So after few trial and error runs, I now have my list of blogs that I follow. So if you are in search of  blogs to follow, Here’s the list I suggest for you.

Recording Artist Ava Aston’s blog

Ava Aston is a singer(rocker-chic)  who blogs . And trust me when I say that her blog is fun. There is no predicting what her noggin(I’m using her words) will think next. Few things you need to know about her before you start reading her blog :

  1. She is Greek.
  2. Mr.Bricks is her manager.
  3. She is a sneaker addict.
  4. She has the four most adorable puppies. Click here for a pic of them.


The one thing that screams out to me every time I read one of Ruth’s writings is how beautiful her writings sound. I am someone who does not get poetry but every time Ruth writes one of her awesome poetry, they kinda move me. You have to check out her blog to understand for yourself how beautiful she is with words. Ruth is a personal friend of mine and the author of a book titled, ‘ The secret of Fair Haven‘.

JannaTWrite’s Blog

Janna is a working mom who writes about her experiences from her heart. There is often a self realization truth in what she writes. And for this, I love reading her blog.And Oh! She is funny too.

Merry Musings

Fire Crystals (the author of this blog who I shall now call F.C) lives in Bangalore and her blog contains accounts of her everyday experiences in the city, quite a few reviews about movies and books. I follow this blog cause mainly I feel like I can connect to things that F.C writes about.

Elegant Chic

E.C lives in Bangalore and her blog is quite a picture.Literally. If you hover around, you might get some cool recipes as well. I love her style of writing and her choice of words. Simple but says it out.

Holding the Future Hostage

Before you start wondering about the blog’s name, let me assure you it’s a nice blog :). Tia (the author) is a writer and the name of the blog is her first book( I think. Correct me if I’m wrong Tia). Her entries are simple and vary from everyday happenings, her faith in God to her getting her book published.

Nikkele’s Blog

Nikkele’s Blog is a cool mostly ‘About God’ blog.

An Arattai with Addy

Addy blogs from Chennai. About life , about technology. Check it out for yourselves.

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The ‘not so wise’ Friend.

Remember the sitcom ‘Full House‘? It was and still is kind of my favorite show till date. Remember DJ Tanner? The smart, pretty girl always accompanied by he chicken legged, not so smart friend Kimmy Gibbler?

Ever seen the sitcom, ‘According to Jim’?. Remember Jim’s best friend Andy( Sheryl’s sister)? Andy is often portrayed as the (again) not so smart guy.

Lets talk about the ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air‘ shall we? We have Will Smith as a smart young man accompanied by Carlton Banks his cousin. A not so smart young man (again).

Then there’s Joey in Friends. There’s Joey in Full House. There’s George in Seinfield.There’s Harriet in Small Wonder. There’s Robert in ‘Everybody loves Raymond‘ . Seeing a connection here?

Looks like every comedy sitcoms has a ‘best friend’ character who is not so smart and is the receiving end of all the jokes and humiliations. While the main character always seems to be smart, the best friend somehow always ends up being ‘not so smart’.  So this post, is a dedication to all the ‘not so smart’ best friends of everyone.It is time we give them credit.

The 'not so wise' friends

I think that our friends have a part to play in making us who we are.Our best friends, in a way shape who we are.I think, that most of the times, they influence our thinkings and our actions.So, to all the best friends of the main characters that we see on television,Kudos to you.YOU made the main characters. You made us laugh. You made us think.You made us cry.You are the reason for the sitcoms.

Now, to all my readers, if you are wondering why all the sitcoms I choose to compare are from the 90’s, it could be because I don’t watch many these days.I rambled about it once.You can read it here.

BTW, this makes me wonder. Do we all have a ‘not so wise’ friend in out lives? If most of the comedy sitcoms have a lanky best friend, does that mean that majority of the world has a ‘not so wise’ friend. I know I don’t have one.Do you?

P.S If you can think of other characters like this, pls leave a comment. I really want to know how many characters we can find like this.

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Fat, Fatter and Fattest

Disclaimer : All characters appearing in this post are based on me and only me. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

OK. I know what you are thinking.disclaimer usually happens at the end of every post.Or at least, at the end of my posts.But this is a very sensitive topic that I really want to make sure that I am not sued in any way for my words here.

If you have been reading my blog regularly, you will know that I have moved to Canada recently from India.For those of you who stumbled upon my blog(really honored to have you read my ramblings), you can read about my experiences here.

So, back to Fat, Fatter and Fattest.I am not thin. And I am not fat(I like to think so.). OK a correction.I was not fat. Till some days back.I’ve always loved to eat. I do not hold myself back from any kind of food for the sake of putting on weight.I have never ever bothered about looking fat.Unlike most gals, I’ve never even dreamt about dieting,working out,etc.Until today.

My entry into Calgary feels like I’ve been let loose in the land of junk food.And it is a wonderful world.For the past one week, I’ve been living on meat,mayonnaise, cheese, bananas, chocolates, cookies and juice.Now, all these are food stuffs that were quite expensive in India barring bananas.But here, they seem to be the main food. And me, being someone who loves junk food is absolutely having a little heaven here.

Hubby had a hard time bringing me out of the Superstore when we went out shopping.I went crazy in the chocolate section.(I safely made hubby stand at the line to pay the bills when I happily went roaming the chocolate section.).I found a pack of Gummy Bears.I had to buy it. I’ve read in so many novels and seen on television kids eating gummy bears and I had to taste it for myself.(I tasted them and am wondering what’s so great about them).

A friend of ours gave us few cookies.My fridge at this very instant  has a pack of  M & M’s, a dairy milk, A huge ice cream box , couple of coke cans and loads of meat.Being a foodie, I want to taste everything possible.And I can tell for myself that I’m not gonna control myself in the near future.And Oh! Add cashews and almonds to the list.

junk junk..A ll the way.

Now, that brings us again to Fat, Fatter and Fattest. Now why did I title my post thus? I realized today that I am soon heading for the Fat Category.It won’t be long before I proceed into the other categories as well. I have to take on preventive measures.Right from NOW. I played squash today for close to an hour and I must say, it felt good.But that was followed by a cookie eating time. 😦

So tomorrow will see me do something that I never thought I would do. Hit the gym.So, Wish me luck people.