Sadly,I am not what my dad is made of.

My dad retired from work today. After close to 36 years. As a family, we were invited to his office farewell party. During the function, many spoke about dad. The constant words that kept popping up were Honest, Hard Working, Sincere, Helping, NEVER get angry etc. Now, I know that when a person leaves a company, a lot of nice things are said about the person. But you ask their family and you get to know the real person. But in my dad’s case, we as a family can assure anyone that these words are true. Such is my dad.

Anybody who has met my dad for a very few minutes can immediately judge the kind of person he is. And the quality that stands out in my dad is the fact that he seldom gets angry or raises his voice.I was quite a difficult kid when I grew up.I mean, I remember the tantrums that I used to make every now and then. Being the youngest in the family, I got to enjoy a lot of pampering. Mostly from my dad.

Now, being my dad’s daughter, it only makes sense that I resemble him a little in his ‘never to get angry’ trait. But that is where you are terribly wrong. As a kid, I used to get angry. Very very angry over trivial matters.Once, a minister of God while praying, suddenly started praying for my anger issues.(He was someone who I had never known before). I remember bring really really embarrassed.But I had no one to blame but myself.

Sometime during my teens, God happened in my life and things changed after that.My anger issues have definitely come down. I would never claim total victory over it but I’m letting God work that area of my life.(Ask my mom and she will definitely agree that I have not won over my anger issues).

The thing I realize from this, is this. You are never what your parents are.I mean you don’t take up after them. In resemblance , Yes. But in character, NO. Of course, you will be influenced a little by their reaction to things but then you have only yourself to blame for who you are right now. If your father was a thief, there is no gene in your body that would make you a thief. If someone in your family is a compulsive liar, you don’t have to be one.You can take the good and ignore the bad in people. Think about it. The choice is actually yours. You can be who you decide to be.

Updates : Been really busy with my travel plans. Very very excited about it. My travel has been delayed by a day so the countdown stands at 5.5 days. (If you are wondering what the countdown is for, click here)


2 thoughts on “Sadly,I am not what my dad is made of.

  1. I agree with you Dorcas. I got a message sometime back that goes like:
    “Getting a personality is a gift from your parents,
    but living as a KNOWN PERSONALITY is a gift to your parents!”

    All the best for your travel plans.

    Best Wishes,

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