My pause

We keep running around.Everyday is a routine. We wake up, we get ready and then we rush into the day.The day happens in the same speed.Before we know it, the day is over.We force ourselves to fall asleep in the night cause we have a similar day tomorrow.Does this sound like your day?Well then, I’m talking to you.

When did your day start becoming a routine? When was the last time you enjoyed an unforeseen incident? What happened to the satisfaction your work used to give you? Where is your sense of peace?

Ever since my visa was approved, I have been on the run.I had exactly 10 days to get my stuff packed ,meet a couple of people and leave to another country.So, I raced around the day. After all, I had so much to do. As I ran around,I knew my heart was filled with gratitude to the Lord for making this happen.I mean I just felt it. I felt a new sense of joy that I had not felt in 6 months.I raced through my life for 3 whole days before the inevitable happened.I paused.

And this pause was even more wonderful than my visa.It was a pause where I stopped thinking about my life.A time when I stopped planning for the future. A pause where I stopped my whole world from spinning. It was like an empty room with just me and my God.And that is when I felt I fully understood what my God has actually done for me.A new sense of thankfulness overtook my heart.

And I realize that I need to pause every now and then to fully make sense of my life and appreciate every thing I’ve got so far.And I think every one needs that pause.Like they say, Only in the absence can you really know its worth.So, do you think you can put a hold to whatever is taking control of your life, pause for a while to think, if indeed, you fully understand where your life is right now? Can you ?

Countdown : Stands at 4.5 days now. Click here to know what the countdown is for.


6 thoughts on “My pause

  1. So true…we do rush across the day and we end the week thinking “Wow! the week has gone by so fast. What did I do this week?” So, I make it a point to slow down during the weekend and make the most of it by cramming it full of activities – The result : I end up feeling tht I had a loooong weekend 🙂

  2. Pauses and refelction are important – and I’m glad you got to pause. If we let it, life will drag us along. By pausing, we make an active choice to enjoy it…to live it.

    Thank you for the reminder to slow down 🙂

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