Letters from Calgary- Calgary as I saw it for the first time.

Dear Exwhyzee,

I promised to write to you about everything that I see and experience here in Calgary and so I am going to attempt to put to words all that I saw till now.

It’s been a little over a day since I landed here. Arun came to pick me up and we took a cab home. My first reaction as soon as I stepped out of the airport was this. IT IS SOOOO COLD. The temp was something around -9 and it was quite windy which made the cold even more unbelievable. Exwhyzee, you remember how I used to shiver when I was in Bangalore in 19 degree.? So, you can imagine me in -9 :).

Our house is an awesome house. The first thing that struck me as soon as I stepped in was that the entire house was carpeted. This was something new to me. It feels great to walk around the house barefooted. We live in the downtown area and our house is surrounded by huge high rise office buildings.Our’s is a corner apartment and so we get a glimpse of the road way down below us.

The building next to our house. The view from our hall

Another building on the left. Yet to find out the names.

Gosh, I keep forgetting to mention this.Arun had preapred an awesome dinner of prawns curry ready for me when I landed.Ain’t he a great guy?

The kitchen is pretty awesome and cute. We have still not settled down. My suitcases are still unpacked and the house is covered with stuff here and there.So, I’m not sending you pictures of the house until I clean it up.

I’m not sure if I am jet-lagged .My sleep timings don’t seem to match either India or Canada. This is the second day in a row that I am up at 3.00 am after falling asleep in the night.

It started snowing today and I was quite excited about it. We went to church in the morning and that is when I stepped out into the cold again to realize last night’s cold was much better than this. Since I do not have my own winter clothes, I wore Arun’s stuff. I thought I was heavily protected before I stepped out of the house but once outside, it was freaking cold again. The temp today was -19.

I walked the streets of Calgary on my way to church today but I hardly paid any attention to anything on the streets.I was concentrating on trying to ignore how cold I was feeling. Besides, having that huge jacket on me and being fully covered as seen in the pic, I could not turn any way as I pleased. I walked like as if I had broken every bone on my body and was fully in casts 🙂

That's me. Even after all this, I was still cold.

We were supposed to go out shopping in the evening, but I refused to step out into the cold 🙂 .So we decided to go tomorrow instead but now looking outside the window, I don’t think I’m gonna step out tomorrow either. Everyone at church said that winter will end soon. Maybe, I’ll just stay put indoors till then 🙂

Snow on our balcony

Snow covered roads

I am actually quite excited about the snow though I don’t act like one. 🙂

All indoors are pretty warm. Actually too warm for my liking. 😦 . I keep wishing that we had a fan. Just for the noise it makes.Everything seems to quite and peaceful here. I think I can just keep looking out of the window doing nothing else.Actually I keep doing that.

That’s all for now Exwhyzee. Will write you more when I see more.

Hoping to see you soon.




3 thoughts on “Letters from Calgary- Calgary as I saw it for the first time.

  1. Me first….and I do love your description of Calgary. I had friends who went there once (on a Company assignment) and had the apartment reking of Indian cooking smells, that the building owners actually charged the Company for the honour of cleaning it out 🙂

    Have a great time. Cheers!

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