Letters from Calgary – A walk in the snow.

Dear Exwhyzee,

Yesterday was quite bright and sunny and so I decided to brave the cold and get out there on the streets. But once on the street, I realized that the sun only shines here with no effect or heat. I was fully covered and yet I was cold. Arun took me to Mc.D for brunch. And that was awesome. It was like home far away from home.Reminded me of days back home in India where my favorite fast food place was Mc.D. You remember right, how all our friends used to groan everytime someone asked me to suggest a place to eat. I would always say Mc.D any time of the day. So you can imagine how excited I would be to go to Mc.D 🙂

Home away from home

I ordered my regular Mc.Chicken while Arun ordered a Big Mac. I must say, I loved the Big Mac. The Mc.Chicken and fries tasted quite the same as in India but the only difference being it was quite filling here.

I walked on snow for the first time.And I must say that it felt wonderful to do so. I realized snow looks beautiful unless trod upon. The snow on the roads look quite dirty and it is definitely not a quite sight. Made me hum the song, ‘White as snow.Though my sins were as scarlet. Lord I know I’m clean and forgiven’.

We went to a mall here and I literally froze to my skin. I brought my first set of winter coat and gloves.Lucky for us, since winter was ending, there were clearance sale every where and we were able to get what we wanted quite cheap. Since I am not quite used to this kind of cold, I wanted to buy a think pair of gloves. We searched for not so expensive ones since once winter ended, I would not be using them. But the ones I wanted were quite expensive. So we did pick up one and once we went to the counter to pay, we were told that we only had to pay half the price cause it was on sale. Might sound silly to you, but me and Arun really started thanking God for his divine favor upon us.We saw God’s hand guiding even through our shoppings.

I think the jet lag got the better of me yesterday, cause I slept quite well last evening and last night.Got up again in the middle of the night, but unlike the last two nights, I managed to go back to sleep.

And I did finally manage to get onto my balcony, even if it be just for a few seconds.I stepped on the snow with wrong footwear and ended up jumping my way back into the house.I had to be satisfied with pics like this.

Footprints on the snow. Yes. I jumped in leaving my slippers behind 🙂

I’m kinda busy with setting up the house. We are expecting friends over this evening.That’s all for now Exwhyzee. Will write more soon.

Take care.



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