Letters from Calgary. Shopkeepers and their smiles.

Dear Exwhyzee,

Yesterday was quite an eventful day for us. We went to get our health card. The system here is so cool.I mean, we have to pay a premium every month and all our hospital visits are free. It is not like our country’s insurance policy, where sometimes you only end up getting a tiny portion of what you actually ended spending, reimbursed. This is totally like cashless visit.

After that, we had some time.So we ended up doing our grocery shopping.It’s a good thing that hubby knows the place around. (That means no endless searchings in the snow.:) )The stores look pretty much like our Indian stores. If, maybe we were not used to the oasis shoppings in India, this would have looked different. Seems like meat here is cheaper than vegetables when compared to Indian rates.This is one thing that I keep doing. Convert everything I see to Indian rates and exclaim the difference. Hubby says it will take some time before I get over this mindset.(Pss. Just for your ears. We bought 7 bananas for 200 Rs.). Hubby went crazy in the meat section and I went crazy in the vegetable section.(Hubby is a meat lover and I, a veggie lover).

I’ve been to quite a few shops here and one thing that amazes me is the smile people have on their faces. All the shopkeepers I’ve encountered so far, have been awesome polite with a cheerful smile and a ‘have a good day’ when we leave.When crossing paths with strangers walking on the roads,I’ve always seen a simple hello and a smile. Maybe it’s too soon to judge, but from what I’ve seen so far, I think it’s safe to say that Calgary is a very polite place.(I wonder why Robin Scherbatsky wanted to move to New York.)

There are certain things that I don’t understand here.Like why the lights on the buildings are on all the time.Even during the nights and the weekends when no one is around. It kinda makes me sad to know that in India we have power cuts for 2 hrs everyday while here, there is plenty. But it makes me feel proud in a way. That I come from a country that knows to survive with its bare minimum.

Exwhyzee, I forgot to carry my camera with me when I went out yesterday.So I only have some pics that I took from my house to show you.

Today’s fascination : Reflections on buildings.


7 thoughts on “Letters from Calgary. Shopkeepers and their smiles.

  1. Love the pictures of Calgary on your last few posts. I’ve never been there. I’m glad you’re enjoying your time there and that you found some great sales. I laughed at the half price gloves because I would be SO excited if that happened. I never pay full price for clothing.

    I know Mc D’s is a familiar face, but I hope you make some new restaurant friends, too 😉

  2. Whole of canada is the same 🙂

    very friendly !!

    i dont kno why ur health card is different. for me all my hospital visits are free and i dont have to pay any monthly installments. if i need to buy some medicine i have to use my insurance which is paid by my office.

    this is y i want my parents to move to canada 🙂

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