Fat, Fatter and Fattest

Disclaimer : All characters appearing in this post are based on me and only me. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

OK. I know what you are thinking.disclaimer usually happens at the end of every post.Or at least, at the end of my posts.But this is a very sensitive topic that I really want to make sure that I am not sued in any way for my words here.

If you have been reading my blog regularly, you will know that I have moved to Canada recently from India.For those of you who stumbled upon my blog(really honored to have you read my ramblings), you can read about my experiences here.

So, back to Fat, Fatter and Fattest.I am not thin. And I am not fat(I like to think so.). OK a correction.I was not fat. Till some days back.I’ve always loved to eat. I do not hold myself back from any kind of food for the sake of putting on weight.I have never ever bothered about looking fat.Unlike most gals, I’ve never even dreamt about dieting,working out,etc.Until today.

My entry into Calgary feels like I’ve been let loose in the land of junk food.And it is a wonderful world.For the past one week, I’ve been living on meat,mayonnaise, cheese, bananas, chocolates, cookies and juice.Now, all these are food stuffs that were quite expensive in India barring bananas.But here, they seem to be the main food. And me, being someone who loves junk food is absolutely having a little heaven here.

Hubby had a hard time bringing me out of the Superstore when we went out shopping.I went crazy in the chocolate section.(I safely made hubby stand at the line to pay the bills when I happily went roaming the chocolate section.).I found a pack of Gummy Bears.I had to buy it. I’ve read in so many novels and seen on television kids eating gummy bears and I had to taste it for myself.(I tasted them and am wondering what’s so great about them).

A friend of ours gave us few cookies.My fridge at this very instant  has a pack of  M & M’s, a dairy milk, A huge ice cream box , couple of coke cans and loads of meat.Being a foodie, I want to taste everything possible.And I can tell for myself that I’m not gonna control myself in the near future.And Oh! Add cashews and almonds to the list.

junk junk..A ll the way.

Now, that brings us again to Fat, Fatter and Fattest. Now why did I title my post thus? I realized today that I am soon heading for the Fat Category.It won’t be long before I proceed into the other categories as well. I have to take on preventive measures.Right from NOW. I played squash today for close to an hour and I must say, it felt good.But that was followed by a cookie eating time. 😦

So tomorrow will see me do something that I never thought I would do. Hit the gym.So, Wish me luck people.


2 thoughts on “Fat, Fatter and Fattest

    • If only the mouth listened to the mind , then all will be well. 😦 .

      My first step towards workout .:) I found out where the gym is. Got my card to get inside .:)

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