The ‘not so wise’ Friend.

Remember the sitcom ‘Full House‘? It was and still is kind of my favorite show till date. Remember DJ Tanner? The smart, pretty girl always accompanied by he chicken legged, not so smart friend Kimmy Gibbler?

Ever seen the sitcom, ‘According to Jim’?. Remember Jim’s best friend Andy( Sheryl’s sister)? Andy is often portrayed as the (again) not so smart guy.

Lets talk about the ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air‘ shall we? We have Will Smith as a smart young man accompanied by Carlton Banks his cousin. A not so smart young man (again).

Then there’s Joey in Friends. There’s Joey in Full House. There’s George in Seinfield.There’s Harriet in Small Wonder. There’s Robert in ‘Everybody loves Raymond‘ . Seeing a connection here?

Looks like every comedy sitcoms has a ‘best friend’ character who is not so smart and is the receiving end of all the jokes and humiliations. While the main character always seems to be smart, the best friend somehow always ends up being ‘not so smart’.  So this post, is a dedication to all the ‘not so smart’ best friends of everyone.It is time we give them credit.

The 'not so wise' friends

I think that our friends have a part to play in making us who we are.Our best friends, in a way shape who we are.I think, that most of the times, they influence our thinkings and our actions.So, to all the best friends of the main characters that we see on television,Kudos to you.YOU made the main characters. You made us laugh. You made us think.You made us cry.You are the reason for the sitcoms.

Now, to all my readers, if you are wondering why all the sitcoms I choose to compare are from the 90’s, it could be because I don’t watch many these days.I rambled about it once.You can read it here.

BTW, this makes me wonder. Do we all have a ‘not so wise’ friend in out lives? If most of the comedy sitcoms have a lanky best friend, does that mean that majority of the world has a ‘not so wise’ friend. I know I don’t have one.Do you?

P.S If you can think of other characters like this, pls leave a comment. I really want to know how many characters we can find like this.


3 thoughts on “The ‘not so wise’ Friend.

  1. i agree… all true sidekicks in sitcoms were the most memorable always.although they are no longer referred to as ‘comic reliefs’ in most places anymore.
    Remember Buddy Lembeck in Charles in charge.i used to love watching tht sitcom just to
    watch tht guys antics..

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