My Blogging life.

Everyday morning, after hubby leaves for work, I fix myself a cup of coffee, sometimes my sandwich near by and log into the computer.I open my reader and I read the blogs that I follow. What to some people, the combination of newspaper and coffee does, my blog reading and coffee does to me.

It’s been two months since I took up blogging quite seriously.And in those two months, I learnt quite a lot.As every blog newbie, I wanted my page stats to look nice. And one trick that everyone seemed to suggest, was me reading new blogs and leaving a comment so that people can track back to me. Hence, more hits on my blog. So I started doing that.But what started as an innocent selfish action, led me to a couple of cool blogs.

I know now, that there are other people who love blogging. People whose lives are pretty interesting to follow.People whose lives are way different from mine. And people who live lives similar to mine.It has been quite a journey so far.

I follow few blogs regularly.I followed few other blogs and decided to un-follow them for various reasons.I found some blogs boring and some over rambling. So after few trial and error runs, I now have my list of blogs that I follow. So if you are in search of  blogs to follow, Here’s the list I suggest for you.

Recording Artist Ava Aston’s blog

Ava Aston is a singer(rocker-chic)  who blogs . And trust me when I say that her blog is fun. There is no predicting what her noggin(I’m using her words) will think next. Few things you need to know about her before you start reading her blog :

  1. She is Greek.
  2. Mr.Bricks is her manager.
  3. She is a sneaker addict.
  4. She has the four most adorable puppies. Click here for a pic of them.


The one thing that screams out to me every time I read one of Ruth’s writings is how beautiful her writings sound. I am someone who does not get poetry but every time Ruth writes one of her awesome poetry, they kinda move me. You have to check out her blog to understand for yourself how beautiful she is with words. Ruth is a personal friend of mine and the author of a book titled, ‘ The secret of Fair Haven‘.

JannaTWrite’s Blog

Janna is a working mom who writes about her experiences from her heart. There is often a self realization truth in what she writes. And for this, I love reading her blog.And Oh! She is funny too.

Merry Musings

Fire Crystals (the author of this blog who I shall now call F.C) lives in Bangalore and her blog contains accounts of her everyday experiences in the city, quite a few reviews about movies and books. I follow this blog cause mainly I feel like I can connect to things that F.C writes about.

Elegant Chic

E.C lives in Bangalore and her blog is quite a picture.Literally. If you hover around, you might get some cool recipes as well. I love her style of writing and her choice of words. Simple but says it out.

Holding the Future Hostage

Before you start wondering about the blog’s name, let me assure you it’s a nice blog :). Tia (the author) is a writer and the name of the blog is her first book( I think. Correct me if I’m wrong Tia). Her entries are simple and vary from everyday happenings, her faith in God to her getting her book published.

Nikkele’s Blog

Nikkele’s Blog is a cool mostly ‘About God’ blog.

An Arattai with Addy

Addy blogs from Chennai. About life , about technology. Check it out for yourselves.


12 thoughts on “My Blogging life.

  1. aww…thanks for the encouragement, Angela! motivation for me 🙂 appreciate it!…love reading your blog too…you have a unique perspective and you’re writing is very honest…keep writing!

  2. Thank you soooo much Dorcas for linking and liking my blog, because I truly like yours as well…Hope your adventures in Calgary are way much better than Chennai..

    However I am actually not a tech-guy but mostly a “life” guy.. 😉

    Always my support and best wishes,
    Addy 🙂

  3. Wow, you are so generous! I feel extremely flattered that you read my blog. I was poking around on your blog checking on what’s new and got such a pleasant surprise!!!!!

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