Up above the world so high.

There are some sights that I can`t seem to  forget even after weeks.And this post is about one of them.

I took my first plane journey ever in my life 17 days back.And it was quite an experience for me. Right from the take off to the landing, I savored every minute of my 20 hr flight.If you knew me, You would know that I am a person who finds great joy and happiness in the simple things.Like the rain falling, a child laughing, the street lights, the ocean and pretty much anything I can stare at.So you can imagine how I would have felt when I saw the world from the plane’s window.

Remember how, when someone’s really happy, we say that they are on cloud nine or that they are flying high?I dint’ really know what it truly means until I saw it myself.When I looked out of the window of the plane, it felt like a whole new world out there.A world where the sun shone all the time and and a world where blue and white were the only color you could see. A world where as far as your eye could see, there are nothing but cheerful and happy clouds.

And the end of the horizon looked like a mighty sea.A mighty sea of just clouds. Floating around. Happy colors of blue. Made me want to jump into the clouds. I felt that I could float if I stepped out of the plane. It was a world that had no buildings, no rain, no people, no politics, no pain, no suffering. It was a world of clouds. Nothing else.A beautiful beautiful world.

Made me wonder again and again, if this could look so beautiful, heaven must be indescribable.


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