Where are we heading?

For the past couple of days, I’ve been quite busy with setting up our house, getting used to the climate and acting married again, that I had no time to read the news.So after almost a week, I read the news again and realized, that I had been living in a bubble.

My mind was filled with thoughts about hubby, house, canada, pretty clouds and many other things. Everything was so perfect.Seemed like there was only happiness all around me.Felt like happiness was the only emotion someone could ever face. Until I read the news.My pretty pink bubble broke.

I read about the earthquake in Christchurch and my heart skipped a beat.I read about the four American hostages killed by the somali pirates.I read about the collector abducted by the maoists.I read about Egypt, I read about Libya.I read all these news a little late but as I read them, I was thrown into a world of reality.That all those affected are people just like me. Someone lost their husband. Someone lost their parent.Someone lost their best friend.

There isn’t much I can do sitting where I am right now to help all those people.My sympathy is not going to help anyone out there.But what I do every-time I read news like these is, I pledge to myself. That If I ever come across a situation like this, I’m gonna help someone rather than run away.It might sound silly now, but that’s all right.To me, it screams sense.That brings us to the question, Where are we as a world heading to? , I guess the answer is ‘We’ll never know’.

So what’s your reaction when you look at the sad things happening in this world?


3 thoughts on “Where are we heading?

  1. Loved the “pretty clouds”. I know…it’s so depressing to think about how our world is today and where it’s heading. Even my country (the US) was so great but now it’s heading downhill VERY rapidly. 😥 I think unless we’re actually there in the situation, the best, and I mean the best thing we can do is pray. God is amazing, but this is all for a reason and for His glory. It’s just kind of hard to see it. Thanks for the post Angel.



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