I refuse to be a good cook. By CHoIcE

This post is the result of an hour’s hard work in the kitchen trying to cook food just like my mother.The outcome? My food still does not tastes like my mom’s food.

My mom is an awesome cook. She does not try lot of new stuff (unlike me,So score for me on that) but what she does cook, she does it amazingly tasty. Right from the potatoes she does to the chicken she cooks, everything tastes awesome.Should I even mention the sambhar she makes?If Barney were to taste this, he would stop calling everything else legendary.That’s how awesome it is.

So every time I make a dish that I know my mom makes, I keep comparing the final taste to hers’ and mine always falls short of my expectation.Now my hubby tells me that every dish I cook is awesome.I will truly believe that if he still says it after 5 years.

Sometimes I keep wishing my mom was not such a good cook.Would take an awful lot of pressure away from me.So, to all the wonderful cooking moms out there…. Think again. Are you sure you want to cook this good? I mean, Think about us…your daughters.. Would you like us to mentally torture ourselves that we don’t cook as good as you do?

So, as a favor to my future kids, I refuse to be a good cook.By CHOICE.

P.S Mom and dad, I know you read my blog. Don’t worry, I’m not making Arun cook. I’m not making him buy food from outside.I am cooking lots of things at home.All this frustration is simply because I made sambhar and it din’t taste like yours.


6 thoughts on “I refuse to be a good cook. By CHoIcE

  1. Ah, I’ve asked my mom for recipes on some of my favorites, only to find there is no recipe. Not fair 😦

    On the positive side, practice and experimentation improve the cooking situation. Maybe next time the meal will turn out better 🙂

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