Why I think an action movie is no better than a chick-flick.

It’s no big secret that girls like chick-flick movies and guys like action movies. BTW, if you haven’t heard of the term chick-flick… shame on you. Check out what wiki has to day about it here.

To the girls read on.To the guys, please skip this paragraph.Remember those days when you and your brother fought over the remote cause HBO had a Jackie Chan movie playing and Star Movies had serendipity playing? (I no longer have that problem.Cause my dude, cannot watch any movies 🙂 )Remember when your guy friends would roll their eyes when they heard you were watching Notebook? Remember how you refused to go to the movies with friends once you heard the movie they were going to is an action movie?Been there? Your truly, has been. A lot of times.

I just ended up watching an old action movie suggested by my hubby’s friends.As usual, hubby just watched half and I ended up watching the full movie.Made me think.So here I was , watching a movie in the genre I hate. I remembered the many reason guys have given me so far for not watching chick-flicks. I could think of the same reasons why I do not like Action movies.

Guys say in chick-flicks, everything is too cheesy.I say, in action movies everything is so gross.In chick-flicks, guys feel the story is predictable.(O COME ON! Could you predict the ending of Walk to Remember? .OK, maybe that was a bad example.) But I think in actions movies, everything is predictable too. Girl meets guy. Girl somehow manages to get herself  caught in villain’s camp.Guy/Hero saves girl and in the process bashes up a million bad guys.Guy and Girl live happily ever after.

Guys say, the sequence of events in Chick-flicks seem too made up. But come on… Who are you kidding? What about all those fight scenes? One guy taking down a hundred guys single handedly? One unarmed guy fighting twenty armed guys?I can ask you a million question in the same line, but I know the answer already.So, forget it.

So, all I am wondering is, how or what makes guys attracted to action movies? It is in no way, (at least in my opinion) any more real than chick-flick movies. And why on earth do guys pretend that they can’t stand chick-flick movies.When girls can watch action movies even though we don’t like it, why can’t guys sit through a chick-flick without complaining?

PS : Hubby and I already had a huge discussion on this topic already… Would love your thoughts as well. And if you can name a movie that does not fall under this, of-course it is an exception :).


Acceptance..EOD, this is what we all want.

Agree or not, I think every one born as normal human beings long for acceptance. Take a moment to think about the very things that made you happy today.Does the feeling of being accepted pop out in any of those circumstances?

Lets face it. Does not your heart do a dance of joy when people comment on your Facebook Status?Does not your heart leap when someone likes your profile picture? Don’t you look out for a pat from your boss? Don’t you wish you are a part of a popular group?

If you said yes to all the above questions and no to the last one, think again. If you love singing, you would always wish to be one of the singers on stage. If you blog, don’t you wish to be freshly pressed? If you are a professional, don’t you wish to be in the appreciated team? And that is what I mean popular group. The truth is, at the end of the day, we all want to feel accepted.

No one would like to be part of a group where they don’t feel accepted.I’ve found myself in lots of places like that. Sometimes I crawled my way out and sometimes I found a group of people who din’t feel accepted in that particular crowd and hence I felt accepted in the ‘don’t feel accepted’ group.A win-win situation for everybody. 🙂

I cant seem to decide whether the feeling of acceptance is a good thing or bad.I can’t even decide if there should be a level for the level of acceptance we should long for. All I can see is, everything that we seem to do has its source in wanting to be accepted.

Makes me wonder if, the people part of various terrorist organisations, stick to those organisations because that was the only place where they felt accepted? If this be true, did the rest of us who claim to be ‘good people’ , fail to make them feel accepted in the normal world.Maybe we created those organisations. Maybe we are responsible in some way or the other for such organisations to exist.

If so, by going out of our way today to make someone feel accepted , will or can we avoid the creation of a tommorrow’s ‘bad person’ ? Think about it.

Die and let Live

If years of watching Grey’s anatomy has done me any good, it is this. It taught me about Organ Donation and how it can save someone’s life.

Karen Wright had lost two of her children and her third was battling with a kidney failure.Valeri Wright Zachary, herself a mother of two, had been on kidney dialysis — for nearly five hours, every other day — for the past 20 years. Until she got her organ.A stranger’s decision to donate their organs long back, has given Valeri a second chance to have a normal life again.(Read source here)

Pragya Pareek of Jaipur says she has had a fresh lease of life and she owes this to the family of Vipul Bhai in Gujarat.Pragya had to undergo dialysis for 3 years before her second chance at life came. (Read source here)

This is just two of the many people who have had life handed back to them.Thanks to the complete strangers who decided to be Organ Donors. Hubby and I were talking about this few days back and we realized that people are not aware of the concept of Organ donation. And there are a whole lot of misconceptions about it.

Sadly, in India, not much is spoken about Organ Donation.According to the data available in India, we need approximately 1, 75, 000 kidneys, 50,000 hearts and 50,000 livers for transplantation every year. But as of now, we could only do around 5000 kidney and 400 liver transplants and just 10-15 heart transplants annually.(Read source here). I pray, that this would change soon.

If you are reading this, I am not asking you to donate your organs. All I am just asking is for you to give organ donation a thought. Do your research on it and after that, if you are convinced that you still do not want to be a donor, its totally your choice. But just don’t refuse it without giving it a thought.You could save someone’s life.

In countries like US and Canada, once decided, all you have to do is mark it on your health card or your driving licence.In countries like India, you have to go an extra mile and register yourself in of the registries. I hope you will go the extra mile in getting this done(if you decide to donate).I found this website that pretty much answered all question one may have regarding Organ Donation. Check it out. Invest your time in this.You may not reap the benefit but someone you love may.

After I die, if someone could live because of me, there is nothing I want more. I don`t think of this as a sacrifice but as a way of life.When we decided to become Organ donors, we realized how important it is for our family to support us in this decision.As hubby pointed out rightly, it is your family that will have to deal with result of your decision.So make sure that you include them when you decide.

Some FAQs on Organ Donation :

What is organ donation?

It means that a person pledges during his lifetime that after death, organs from his/her body can be used for transplantation to help terminally ill patients and giving them a new lease of life.

There are two ways of Organ donation:

  1. Living related donors: only immediate blood relations (brother, sister, parents & children) can donate as per the Transplantation of Human Organ Act 1994. Living donor can donate only few organs, one kidney (as one kidney is capable of maintaining the body functions), a portion of pancreas (as half of the pancreas is adequate for sustaining pancreatic functions) and part of the liver (as the few segments that are donated will regenerate after a period of time) can be donated.
  2. Cadaver Organ donor: can donate all organs after brain death.

What organs and Tissues can be donated?

The major donor organs and tissues are heart, lungs, liver, pancreas, kidneys, eyes, heart valves, skin, bones, bone marrow, connective tissues, middle ear, and blood vessels. Therefore one donor can possibly give gift of life to many terminally ill patients who would not survive otherwise.

What is brain death?

It is the irreversible and permanent cessation of all brain functions. Brain can no longer send messages to the body to perform vital functions like breathing, sensation, obeying commands etc. Such persons are kept on artificial support (ventilation) to maintain oxygenation of organs so that the organs are in healthy condition until they are removed. Most cases of brain death are the end result of head injuries, brain tumours patients from Intensive care units. Organs of such patients can be transplanted in organ failure patients to provide them a new lease of life.

How quickly should the organs be donated?

Healthy organs should be transplanted as soon as possible after brain death from the donor to the recipient.

Who can be a Donor?

Anyone, regardless of age, race or gender can become an organ and tissue donor. If he/she is under the age of 18 years, then the consent of parent or legal guardian is essential. Medical suitability for donation is determined at the time of death

Does organ / tissue removal affect cremation / burial arrangements or disfigure the body?

No.  The removal or organs or tissues will not interfere with customary funeral or burial arrangements.  The appearance of the body is not altered.  A highly skilled surgical transplant team removes the organs and tissues, which can be transplanted in other patients.  Surgeons stitch up the body carefully, hence no disfigurement occurs.  The body can be viewed as in any case of death and funeral arrangements need not be delayed.

Will the doctor ask permission of donation from my family, once the signed donor card is found?

Yes. Doctor will always ask the permission of organ donation from the family if your signed card is sighted. Therefore, it is important that you discuss your decision with family members and loved ones so that it will be easier for them to follow through with your wishes

Courtesy : http://www.sgrh.com/subcat.aspx?id=51

Kissing. And not on the cheeks

So, I’ve been here in the ‘foreign’ land for about a month and a half now. I encounter new things every day. Things that I expect, things that I don’t expect. So everything is kind of a fascination to me right now. One thing that I was kind of looking to see was, if people really kissed on the roads like how they show in the movies. OK, I grew up watching a lot of Hollywood movies and almost every movie showed a couple kissing. On the road. And I always wondered if this was true.

Now, if you’re reading this and you’re not an Indian, you would probably be wondering right now, why is this, a big deal to me? Let me tell you something about India. In our country, we don’t kiss. Not openly for anybody to see that is.Even if we are married, we still don’t kiss in the open. Married people don’t even hold hands on the roads.Now things are changing in places like Bangalore, but in places like Coimbatore which is a part of Southern India, we still don’t.And Oh! , we conveniently skip the ‘You may now kiss the bride’ part in our weddings. TRUE STORY!.

So back to my fascination, you can now see why I wanted to know if people do kiss on the roads.If you are an Indian, who has not travelled anywhere abroad, then probably you have the same question. The answer is yes and no.Yes, I’ve seen couples kissing but No, not like how they show in the movies. 🙂  Hubby n Me attended a marriage seminar in church and one part of it was to kiss our spouse. I’m not even gonna try mentioning what hubby and I did but we did see a lot of couples kissing.  🙂  (That should tell you what we did).

On a lighter note, found this picture as an ad on my FB page. Had to capture it . 🙂

And Oh, we did catch one of our Indian couple friends stealing a kiss outdoors 🙂

Way to a girl’s heart. – A guide

Let me warn you upfront that this article is not a result of years of scientific research nor am I a behavioral expert.  But I am a girl and a guy has found his way to my heart. So that, I think makes me eligible to write this post.So, here goes.

Have you heard of the saying, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.Well, let me tell you, it is true. Being married for a little more than a year now, I realized that the person who came up with this saying was not truly a genius. Cause this is a fact, that is quite obvious for everyone to see.But the way to a girl’s heart is quite complicated.There are lots of twists and turns.

Yes, we are complicated and we like to stay that way. If you think you can understand us, then you are sadly far far away from really understanding us. Cause we like to change our moods. As often as the signals on a road.Did I hear you sigh? ha ha. Dude. What can you do? You can’t live with us and you can’t live without us.We like it that way.

  1. Way to a Girl’s heart – Listening : Dudes, we want you to listen to us when we talk. I agree it is quite difficult as we tend to talk a lot sometimes.But hey! we are just checking your patience level.
  2. Way to a Girl’s heart – Helping with the chores : what better way to tell your gal you love her than by doing the dishes for her? We don’t really want you to wash the dishes but we want you to volunteer to do it. While you volunteer, you might as well do it right?Cause we need to believe that you do what you say.
  3. Way to a Girl’s heart – Cooking : As a wife, I can vouch that my love for hubby reaches the max when he cooks along with me.See, we don’t really want you to cook, but being there in the kitchen with us makes us happy. But while you are in the kitchen, you might as well give us a hand.
  4. Way to a Girl’s heart –Chocolates : Well,I can’t afford to joke here. If your gal loves chocolate, buy her some 🙂 .However, you better know your gal first cause I know quite a few girls who hate chocolate.But if your gal is anything like me, a chocolate mousse cake with chocolate dipped strawberry on top  will totally melt her heart.
  5. Way to a Girl’s heart – Always say the magic word, ‘YES’ : This is perhaps the most important thing we look for. Let me give you a few examples.”Yes, I am wrong” , “Yes, you are correct.You were always right and you will be always right.”, “Yes, we can go out for dinner” , “Yes, we can buy that”, “Yes, I’ll do it right away darling”, “Yes, we can watch Walk to Remember again”, “Yes, you are the best cook ever”. Now is that too hard? (Some lines stolen from the sitcom Full House)

(When my darling saw me writing this post, he couldn’t wait for me to publish this. So he could comment on it.Isn’t all  this true darling?)

That’s all I can think of now.So, Dudes, let me know if this was useful and ladies, let me know if I missed something important.

Hey Mr.Billionaire!

I read somewhere that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are planning a visit to India solely to encourage India’s Billionaires to part with some of their money to help the poor. Actually you can read it here . I’m not sure if the planned visit has already taken place but I’m pretty sure none of the Indian Billionaires have parted with their money yet. Hence all is normal in the world.

I joined in the secret service for the society of Indian Billionaires last year. Of course you do not know about it because it is a secret service. DUH!. As part of my job requirement, I have to warn the Indian Billionaires when ever someone schemes to take away their money and I think Buffett and Gate’s visit is just that.A scheme to make the billionaires, billionaires minus some money people.This is a code RED alert situation.

Quick Mr.M, I suggest you add another ten floors to your already 27 floor house. I think you can add a golf course on one floor.Or did you already think of that? We don’t want your money going out to your neighbors do we? I hear they are all pretending to be poor and living in slums just so that Gates can come and get your money and give it to them.

Mr.P, I am not sure what advice I can give to you cause you already seem to know everything about money. You decided not to call your employees from the hurting nation cause you don’t want to distinguish between the natives and the Indians .I think that a good plan Mr.P to save a few bucks. maybe it will save you from the Buffetts. I worked in your company once, and me and my collegues always used to wonder then, what you did with all the money cause we never saw it in our hands. That means, you are doing a  very good job Mx.P in hiding all your money.

Mr.K, hats off to you. You are the best I’ve seen in my life so far.Who ever thought the games can bring you so much money. You are not in the official list of Billionaires but my service agreement says you are an invisible member of the group.You are keeping our Indian cops wondering where your money went, so I’m kinda sure the Gates will not visit you. You can rest in peace, Mr.K and continue your ongoing war with the cops.Ask louder, “why just me?”  or maybe you could rephrase it to “Why me?”

Mr A, you seem quite busy these days trying to buy different teams when you are not fighting with your family. I have a feeling that you are quite a favourite for a visit from the Action team.I suggest that you quickly buy a couple of football, cricket teams and reduce your bank balance, so you can show it to the action team and prove that you are in fact poor and that they should give you some money.

Mr and Mrs Politician, I bow down to your family as you guys are the guru’s of the entire world. I’m pretty sure that your money is safely tucked away in some far away island and no one knows you are rich anyway. So, you guys are safe.

Mrs and Mr Actor, I suggest that you buy some land and houses in some unknown land. You guys need to rest after your hectic schedule of acting. So this is actually a straight forward dealing. I think you have nothing to fear.

I think I have done my job.Poor Mr.Gates and Mr.Buffett. I think our Indian Billionaires are safe.

To all the Billionaires, millionaires and invisible rich people……I know a lot of you donate to charity and many of you have your own charity organisations.But I think this is just not enough.Why isn’t the amount you give calculated in percentage to what you own. Is giving one lakh a big deal when you have billions under your pillow?.Isn’t someone who gives 2 rupees out of their hundred rupess greater that you are?. Yet your one lakh finds its place in the newspaper and television and you walk with your head high thinking you have done your part for the society.what you have done so far is not enough. What you are doing is not enough. Have a heart Mr.Money Maker.Give to those who can’t afford a basic meal.God needs you to show the poor, He cares.

Banff… A glimpse of beauty.

Yow know how some times, when we see something very beautiful or hear something very lovely, we tend to used the term, ‘most beautiful ______ in the world’ (though we know that more beautiful things do exist in this world) to describe it? Well, this is NOT one of those times. Banff IS in fact one of the most beautiful places in the world.

I know that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But every beholder seems to agree that Banff, Canada is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Try googling for the most beautiful places in the world and Banff is sure to show up in the list under names like Banff or Canada Rockies or the Gondolas.The only thing that the Beholders can’t seem to agree upon is how top on their list of ‘Top 10 beautiful places in the world’ should Banff, be placed.

Banff is known for its Rocky Mountains and lakes. The view from the top of the Sulphur Mountains was amazing. We traveled in the Gondola . A visit to the Lake Loiuse proved amazing.I have never seen anything so beautiful my entire life so far.It really left me speechless.

So, here’s little bit of Banff for you.

Snow Covered

One of the many frozen lake along the way from Cagary to Banff

Frozen melting Ice

Streets of Banff

A view from the Gondola

The wind was making the fallen snow fly. Causing snow gusts.

Bus that can travel on ice.

That's my dude and me.My heart leapt with Joy on seeing my Indian Flag. Had I traveled in that direction for 11,000 kilometers, I would have reached India

I'm not sure what I was trying to do, but found this funny. 🙂

Lake Loiuse

On top the Frozen Lake.

In memory of 100 years of CPR

One of the many Ice Sculptures in Lake Loiuse

Highlights of the trip :

  • My first fall on ice. Not painful but Cold 🙂
  • Saw lots and lots of snow
  • ‘Operation Banana’ as my friend called it. That story will make up for a blog post itself. Someday.
  • Understood what the word ‘speechless’ meant.
  • Was awed by the Lord’s creative mind.