How would you like your rice? Sweet or Salty?

This day definitely falls under my ‘cooking disaster’ days. You know how certain days you want to do something special for someone and totally end up screwing it? This is just one of those days for me.Hubby darling was coming home for lunch and so I decided to cook up a nice meal for him. A lunch of Vegetable Pulao(vp) and Prawns.That’s where my posts begins.

What I hoped to cook

Now, to understand what’s the big deal about vp, you should understand my past history. Me and vp go way back.I’ve tried vp quite a few times and every time, it was nothing short of ‘barely edible’.( my hubby being the darling he is, ate every time without complaining. OK, one time, he did say that the salt was less.)Now, if you are a cook yourself and you have tried Indian cuisine, you would probably be thinking in your head,’What’s the big deal about vp.It is after all a very simple dish’.To which I say, ‘I KNOW.How simple can it get huh? But still, this is me 😦 ‘

So, this time I did not want to screw it up. I went by the rules. I got every ingredient into the rice cooker, measured the right amount of water,cilli,etc, etc.I was kinda running short of time. If you’re wondering why I decided to cook vp (when I have such a horrible past with it) as a special lunch for hubby. Well, that’s where the prawns come in. 🙂 It is my icing on the cake. You see, my hubby also has a very special relationship with any kind of meat. 🙂 It kinda closes his taste buds to anything else. So, if the vp had come out well, it would have been a bonus. 🙂

So, here comes the disastrous part of the story.I am kinda stingy with salt. Not that I want to save it, but I am generally nervous about putting in too much salt. So I put in the salt. And I tasted the food. Hmmm din’t taste good. So I decided my vp needed more salt.(I also remembered my hubby’s past comment) . So I put in more salt and tasted it. Din’t taste the way I imagined it to taste. So, I was about to put in more salt. To my horror, I realized I was holding the sugar pot .Need I explain what all would have gone through my mind?

I quickly switched into the disaster control mode. I threw out the water and did the most wisest thing that I had done in quite some time. Made a call to my hubby and told him to eat at his office food court. 😦 . I did some damage control to my vp and now, I am left to eat it all alone.How it turned out will and should remain a mystery to the readers (unless, by some miracle it turns out well.In that case, I will update 🙂 )

Maybe it is too soon, but I actually thought of changing my blog title to ‘My kitchen Disasters’. 🙂 Every cloud has a silver lining right? This is my lining . I got a post topic out of this. 🙂 (Now if you are asking why do I embarrassed myself like this? . I don’t know. I really don’t . Maybe I should stop telling stuff like this to the world. 😦 )

Disclaimer : I am a good cook.I really am.No, seriously I am. This is just one of my mad bad days.


10 thoughts on “How would you like your rice? Sweet or Salty?

  1. Oh angel, I’ve done that exact same thing (putting sugar in food instead of salt). I have a friend who put like three heaping tablespoons of salt into my Dad’s coffee instead of sugar! It was horrible. haha 😉 I truly do love your blog, and you totally deserve that Stylish Blogger award! you should do a post on it! lol everything can be made into a blog post, huh?


  2. How did it finally turn out??
    I remember once when we we friend were staying together, my friend actually added sugar to the tomato curry instead of salt. We still tease her about it now.

  3. OMG, Angel! You are definitely scaring this soon to be bachelor who will be shifting and thus have to fend himself by cooking… Keeping fingers crossed…

    Best Wishes,

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