It’s a choice. Really.

Happiness is a choice. I’m not gonna beat around the bush, lead you through a story with a moral and then make you realize that your happiness is a choice is that you make.I’m saying it outright. Happiness is a choice. Period.

You can be rich and still feel sad that you ain’t as rich as Donald Trump or Bill Gates.

You can be the CEO of your company and still feel sad that you ain’t Mark Zuckerberg.

You can own a house and still feel bad that it isn’t in Beverly Hills.

You can hold a job and still feel grumpy cause you aren’t paid as well as you think you deserve to be paid.

You can have the world’s best spouse and still let that one fault of theirs pluck the life out of your relationship.

You can have everything you need and still lust after the things that you want but do not have.

In all the above statements, the first half is fact.Meaning you can not do anything to change it. But the second half is your choice.It’s in your power to change it.

You may not be rich but still feel happy that you ain’t as poor as the homeless guy you met on the street.

You may not be the CEO of any company but still feel glad that you are able to provide for yourself and your family.

You may not own a house but still feel happy that you have a roof above your head.

You may not hold a great job but still feel blessed to have one.

You may not have the world’s best spouse but still thank God for the love and support marriage brings.

You may not have everything you need but still appreciate what you have with a grateful heart.

The choice is absolutely yours. Now, it does not mean that you should be satisfied with what you have right now.Neither does it mean that you should not press ahead for better things. I wish that you do. But all I am suggesting is that, in that process don’t lose your happiness. Your happiness is not defined by what you own.Rather, it is how much at peace you are with yourself and with God.

For me, Jesus is my peace.

Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ – Bible (Rom 5:1)


2 thoughts on “It’s a choice. Really.

  1. I agree that happiness is a choice. I also think that it comes from the inside and works its way out. Nice reminder that our life and happiness are what we choose to make them.

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