Why do we cry? What happens when we cry? Where do the tears come from? I leave all these questions to be answered by the scientific people.But I am so fascinated by the concept of crying. This post is a result of watching the last part of the movie, ‘Steel Magnolias’ . I stumbled upon this movie when I made  a list of ‘Julia Robert’s old movies’ to watch.

I never understand why I cry when I see movies.I usually sob my heart out every time I watch movies like Steel Magnolias and Walk to Remember.Even if I watch the same movie for the 100th time. Now, why do I cry? Don’t I know it is not real? I do. I do. I do know it is not real. But bless my heart, it just wants to cry every time I see movies like that.

Hmmm. As I was writing this, I was a little confused. Is it because of my heart or because of my mind do I cry?But I reminded myself once again. All questions are left for the science people to answer.So, here’s a little conversation that I had with my heart and my mind.

Me : Umm.. Heart. You just cried because Shelby died.I mean she’s not real you know?

Heart : Sniff… It was so sad.Someone left the earth.

Me : Ya. I know. But still… It’s just a story…U know…

Heart : But the mind told me that something bad had really happened.

Mind: Ya.She was so pretty and she just died. She left behind Jack Junior and Jackson.

Me : Ya.I know…But isn’t..

Mind : Did you see how her mother cried Heart?

Heart : I know. How sad her mother must have felt. Sniff… Sniff. I can’t get the scene out of my head.

Me : But.. Come on.. It’s not like…

Heart : Angel. Don’t you always think it is better to feel someone’s sorrow?

Me : I do.. but…

Heart: That is exactly what I did. I felt so bad for Jackson and Jack Junior…

Mind : Don’t forget the mother. She cried too.

Heart : Yea. The mother. I mean I couldn’t keep still without crying.

Me : True. It was a sad scene. But …

Heart : What But Angel? Don’t you want to empathize with someone during their bad times?

Me : I do…

Mind : Then what is you problem Angel? Stop making a big deal over it. You cried. The movie is over. SO get over it.

Heart : It was a wonderful life that Shelby had…Go to the gym Angel. It’s about time.

Mind : Ya. You have to shed the ice cream that you ate while crying over Shelby. Don’t talk. Just go to the gym.

Me: (goes silently to the gym.)

So, there you go. You now know why I cry over movies. You see, I can’t talk with my mind and my heart. They always get the better of  me.


3 thoughts on “Sniff…Sob…Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh

  1. I cried when I watched that movie too. (But I cried when I watched Toy Story 3, so I don’t think there’s any hope for me.)

    I loved the conversation between you, your heart and your mind…and how it ended with you going to the gym to work off the ice cream. Hope it helped 🙂

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