Why do I believe what I believe in?

It is no big secret that I believe in Jesus Christ.And I have a lot of friends who do not. And I have had friends ask me in the past why I believe in my religious beliefs.My hubby keeps talking a lot about why he came to believe in the Lord of the Bible. And that made me think about when I decided to believe in the Bible.

I think I must have been around 10 yrs old at the time of this incident. I grew up in a family that went to church regularly and believed in the Bible. And of course I was taught the Bible. I was taught that God loves us. That God cares for us. That God protects us. And I was taught much more.But until the day of this incident, I think they were more like lessons my parents imprinted on my mind.

If you have been following my blog, you would know by now that I was quite a reader and a dreamer from small. I remember I was quite afraid of robbers at that time. So every night, before I would go to sleep, I would say a small prayer that went would go something like this.

Dear Jesus, ………,…… I pray that no thieves would come to our house tonight. Surround our house by your angels. Let there be a wall of angels around our house.If any thief comes to our house, let him get an electric shock and fall back down on the ground.Same thing should happen as long as the thief tries to come into our house.”

I made this prayer every day as a ritual religiously.No one taught me this prayer but I made this up myself. I used to pray this after I lie on my bed every night.I agree, it looks like a selfish prayer. But when I was 10, I thought it was quite an awesome prayer to say.Little did I know, God was hearing it.

One morning, there was quite a buzz in my neighborhood. There had been a petty robbery during the previous night in two of the houses.Amazingly, one house was the immediate left of our house and the other the immediate right of our house.The wall separating our house from our neighbors was very small. I used to jump over the wall during play times. So climbing those walls was literally a child’s play. All the buckets and taps kept in the backyards of both the houses were stolen while none of the buckets in our backyard was stolen.Our locality was considered pretty safe and so no one bothered keeping such small items safely. And that night, someone had jumped into both the houses and stolen whatever was kept in the backyard while my backyard was thief safe.

Now, I dare you to answer my questions. Do you think it was a co-incidence? Do you believe my prayers were in vain? Do you think that some one played a prank to make me believe my prayers were heard?

I remember being excited and mildly surprised that God indeed listened to my prayers. I think that was the moment I decided that the Lord I was taught about, was not a lie. That the faith I was shown, was not a candy to make my life seem better. The belief that the Lord makes everything happens for my good, is not something that I can tell myself to feel better during my bad times.That was the day I believed that the Jesus is true, alive and is watching over me.

There started my journey of experiencing God not as someone who lives just in heaven but as someone who wants to be my friend.And this is the reason why I believe in everything I believe in.

Who is God to you? Can you relate to Him as a friend?


9 thoughts on “Why do I believe what I believe in?

  1. How special that your house was spared from the robberies. I think that no matter who or what you believe in, or how you choose to express that belief, that no prayer is in vain. For it’s an expression of our deepest thoughts, wishes, fears and dreams. And to take the time to “pray” or verbalize them in any way is always a good thing. It gives your feelings roots. Thanks for sharing!

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