Exploring the land

I love staring. At pretty much anything. I can stare for hours at the water, the stars, the road, the snow, the houses, the trees. You name anything pretty. I can stare at it. My hubby cannot. So yesterday, a couple of us sent our hubbies to work and took off to see the land as I call it.Between getting lost and not knowing it, we managed to walk quite a bit around the city and clicking pictures to my heart’s content.

So, here’s little bit of Calgary for you.

This is a Telus science museum where they have different themed exhibits.

A view of the Downtown

After getting lost around a bit... we finally found it

Prince's Island Park

managed to get a clear sky for the shot.


a guy passing by told us that this gateway was built as a memorial for the first hospital in Calgary

Was fascinated by the small structure next to huge ones


Found this guy running around us

I think this is the Bow River, which runs just outside Calgary

Found the last standing leaf

Not sure what shrub this is, but I'm pretty sure that this is the first red stem I've seen in my life

Found them hanging all around the park

A pretty bird


8 thoughts on “Exploring the land

  1. I’ve never been to Calgary so I really enjoyed seeing the sights. It sure looks cold, though!

    I really liked the single leaf clinging to the bare branches of the tree. I’m surprised it held on for this long.

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