Banff… A glimpse of beauty.

Yow know how some times, when we see something very beautiful or hear something very lovely, we tend to used the term, ‘most beautiful ______ in the world’ (though we know that more beautiful things do exist in this world) to describe it? Well, this is NOT one of those times. Banff IS in fact one of the most beautiful places in the world.

I know that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But every beholder seems to agree that Banff, Canada is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Try googling for the most beautiful places in the world and Banff is sure to show up in the list under names like Banff or Canada Rockies or the Gondolas.The only thing that the Beholders can’t seem to agree upon is how top on their list of ‘Top 10 beautiful places in the world’ should Banff, be placed.

Banff is known for its Rocky Mountains and lakes. The view from the top of the Sulphur Mountains was amazing. We traveled in the Gondola . A visit to the Lake Loiuse proved amazing.I have never seen anything so beautiful my entire life so far.It really left me speechless.

So, here’s little bit of Banff for you.

Snow Covered

One of the many frozen lake along the way from Cagary to Banff

Frozen melting Ice

Streets of Banff

A view from the Gondola

The wind was making the fallen snow fly. Causing snow gusts.

Bus that can travel on ice.

That's my dude and me.My heart leapt with Joy on seeing my Indian Flag. Had I traveled in that direction for 11,000 kilometers, I would have reached India

I'm not sure what I was trying to do, but found this funny. 🙂

Lake Loiuse

On top the Frozen Lake.

In memory of 100 years of CPR

One of the many Ice Sculptures in Lake Loiuse

Highlights of the trip :

  • My first fall on ice. Not painful but Cold 🙂
  • Saw lots and lots of snow
  • ‘Operation Banana’ as my friend called it. That story will make up for a blog post itself. Someday.
  • Understood what the word ‘speechless’ meant.
  • Was awed by the Lord’s creative mind.

8 thoughts on “Banff… A glimpse of beauty.

  1. Gorgeous pics! Maybe it’s bias since I’m from the mountain states, but the Rockies are about as beautiful as anything I’ve seen.

  2. Awesome pics Dorcas, can completely relate to your “speechlessness” and “falling on snow” situations, since I just recently experienced them!!! 🙂

    Best Wishes,

  3. It doesn’t snow where I live, so I thought your snowy pics were amazing (beautiful!)

    I liked the pics of you and your hubby – you guys looked like you were having a great time!

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