Hey Mr.Billionaire!

I read somewhere that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are planning a visit to India solely to encourage India’s Billionaires to part with some of their money to help the poor. Actually you can read it here . I’m not sure if the planned visit has already taken place but I’m pretty sure none of the Indian Billionaires have parted with their money yet. Hence all is normal in the world.

I joined in the secret service for the society of Indian Billionaires last year. Of course you do not know about it because it is a secret service. DUH!. As part of my job requirement, I have to warn the Indian Billionaires when ever someone schemes to take away their money and I think Buffett and Gate’s visit is just that.A scheme to make the billionaires, billionaires minus some money people.This is a code RED alert situation.

Quick Mr.M, I suggest you add another ten floors to your already 27 floor house. I think you can add a golf course on one floor.Or did you already think of that? We don’t want your money going out to your neighbors do we? I hear they are all pretending to be poor and living in slums just so that Gates can come and get your money and give it to them.

Mr.P, I am not sure what advice I can give to you cause you already seem to know everything about money. You decided not to call your employees from the hurting nation cause you don’t want to distinguish between the natives and the Indians .I think that a good plan Mr.P to save a few bucks. maybe it will save you from the Buffetts. I worked in your company once, and me and my collegues always used to wonder then, what you did with all the money cause we never saw it in our hands. That means, you are doing a  very good job Mx.P in hiding all your money.

Mr.K, hats off to you. You are the best I’ve seen in my life so far.Who ever thought the games can bring you so much money. You are not in the official list of Billionaires but my service agreement says you are an invisible member of the group.You are keeping our Indian cops wondering where your money went, so I’m kinda sure the Gates will not visit you. You can rest in peace, Mr.K and continue your ongoing war with the cops.Ask louder, “why just me?”  or maybe you could rephrase it to “Why me?”

Mr A, you seem quite busy these days trying to buy different teams when you are not fighting with your family. I have a feeling that you are quite a favourite for a visit from the Action team.I suggest that you quickly buy a couple of football, cricket teams and reduce your bank balance, so you can show it to the action team and prove that you are in fact poor and that they should give you some money.

Mr and Mrs Politician, I bow down to your family as you guys are the guru’s of the entire world. I’m pretty sure that your money is safely tucked away in some far away island and no one knows you are rich anyway. So, you guys are safe.

Mrs and Mr Actor, I suggest that you buy some land and houses in some unknown land. You guys need to rest after your hectic schedule of acting. So this is actually a straight forward dealing. I think you have nothing to fear.

I think I have done my job.Poor Mr.Gates and Mr.Buffett. I think our Indian Billionaires are safe.

To all the Billionaires, millionaires and invisible rich people……I know a lot of you donate to charity and many of you have your own charity organisations.But I think this is just not enough.Why isn’t the amount you give calculated in percentage to what you own. Is giving one lakh a big deal when you have billions under your pillow?.Isn’t someone who gives 2 rupees out of their hundred rupess greater that you are?. Yet your one lakh finds its place in the newspaper and television and you walk with your head high thinking you have done your part for the society.what you have done so far is not enough. What you are doing is not enough. Have a heart Mr.Money Maker.Give to those who can’t afford a basic meal.God needs you to show the poor, He cares.


2 thoughts on “Hey Mr.Billionaire!

  1. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have BILLIONS of dollars. I have heard about the excess of the super-rich and I just can’t imagine paying $400 for a sweater, $1200 for a pair of shoes, or buying a 5 million dollar house. It would be nice if people cared for the less fortunate without coaxing from others. It’s always so much sweeter when it comes from within 🙂

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