Way to a girl’s heart. – A guide

Let me warn you upfront that this article is not a result of years of scientific research nor am I a behavioral expert.  But I am a girl and a guy has found his way to my heart. So that, I think makes me eligible to write this post.So, here goes.

Have you heard of the saying, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.Well, let me tell you, it is true. Being married for a little more than a year now, I realized that the person who came up with this saying was not truly a genius. Cause this is a fact, that is quite obvious for everyone to see.But the way to a girl’s heart is quite complicated.There are lots of twists and turns.

Yes, we are complicated and we like to stay that way. If you think you can understand us, then you are sadly far far away from really understanding us. Cause we like to change our moods. As often as the signals on a road.Did I hear you sigh? ha ha. Dude. What can you do? You can’t live with us and you can’t live without us.We like it that way.

  1. Way to a Girl’s heart – Listening : Dudes, we want you to listen to us when we talk. I agree it is quite difficult as we tend to talk a lot sometimes.But hey! we are just checking your patience level.
  2. Way to a Girl’s heart – Helping with the chores : what better way to tell your gal you love her than by doing the dishes for her? We don’t really want you to wash the dishes but we want you to volunteer to do it. While you volunteer, you might as well do it right?Cause we need to believe that you do what you say.
  3. Way to a Girl’s heart – Cooking : As a wife, I can vouch that my love for hubby reaches the max when he cooks along with me.See, we don’t really want you to cook, but being there in the kitchen with us makes us happy. But while you are in the kitchen, you might as well give us a hand.
  4. Way to a Girl’s heart –Chocolates : Well,I can’t afford to joke here. If your gal loves chocolate, buy her some 🙂 .However, you better know your gal first cause I know quite a few girls who hate chocolate.But if your gal is anything like me, a chocolate mousse cake with chocolate dipped strawberry on top  will totally melt her heart.
  5. Way to a Girl’s heart – Always say the magic word, ‘YES’ : This is perhaps the most important thing we look for. Let me give you a few examples.”Yes, I am wrong” , “Yes, you are correct.You were always right and you will be always right.”, “Yes, we can go out for dinner” , “Yes, we can buy that”, “Yes, I’ll do it right away darling”, “Yes, we can watch Walk to Remember again”, “Yes, you are the best cook ever”. Now is that too hard? (Some lines stolen from the sitcom Full House)

(When my darling saw me writing this post, he couldn’t wait for me to publish this. So he could comment on it.Isn’t all  this true darling?)

That’s all I can think of now.So, Dudes, let me know if this was useful and ladies, let me know if I missed something important.


9 thoughts on “Way to a girl’s heart. – A guide

  1. I’m glad you included cooking, because guys need to feed the girl. Seriously. Girls like to eat! haha And chocolates, oh yeah, you are amazing. Also getting the door for the girl. A lost tradition – *sighs*. Great post, Angel! 😉

    -Tia ❤

  2. Nice post, Angel!! ‘Taking her out for dinner’ – Do you think that would make it to the list? Not sure if I’m eligible to comment on this post 😛

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