Kissing. And not on the cheeks

So, I’ve been here in the ‘foreign’ land for about a month and a half now. I encounter new things every day. Things that I expect, things that I don’t expect. So everything is kind of a fascination to me right now. One thing that I was kind of looking to see was, if people really kissed on the roads like how they show in the movies. OK, I grew up watching a lot of Hollywood movies and almost every movie showed a couple kissing. On the road. And I always wondered if this was true.

Now, if you’re reading this and you’re not an Indian, you would probably be wondering right now, why is this, a big deal to me? Let me tell you something about India. In our country, we don’t kiss. Not openly for anybody to see that is.Even if we are married, we still don’t kiss in the open. Married people don’t even hold hands on the roads.Now things are changing in places like Bangalore, but in places like Coimbatore which is a part of Southern India, we still don’t.And Oh! , we conveniently skip the ‘You may now kiss the bride’ part in our weddings. TRUE STORY!.

So back to my fascination, you can now see why I wanted to know if people do kiss on the roads.If you are an Indian, who has not travelled anywhere abroad, then probably you have the same question. The answer is yes and no.Yes, I’ve seen couples kissing but No, not like how they show in the movies. 🙂  Hubby n Me attended a marriage seminar in church and one part of it was to kiss our spouse. I’m not even gonna try mentioning what hubby and I did but we did see a lot of couples kissing.  🙂  (That should tell you what we did).

On a lighter note, found this picture as an ad on my FB page. Had to capture it . 🙂

And Oh, we did catch one of our Indian couple friends stealing a kiss outdoors 🙂


10 thoughts on “Kissing. And not on the cheeks

  1. LoL…i lv the way u capture the idea so nicely…neat n apt!
    u should think of takin up writin as a career move lady…will be great to c more of these thoughts.

    • Thanks Julie.. You comment means so much to me. Cause I was deliberating whether or not to put this up 🙂

      If only someone paid me to write my blog.. I would definitely make it my career 🙂

  2. That’s different! I’m glad it’s not like India in the US here, because once I’m married, I would kind of like to kiss my hubby. In public or not. I bet that’s a huge change for you! 😉

    -Tia ❤

  3. Interesting cultural difference you’ve noted. My hubby and I sometimes kiss goodbye in public (just a quick peck.) We also held hands all the time, before kids (now we just chase after them.)

    I’m not sure how common kissing in public is. I’ll have to pay attention more, but I’ll try not to stare 😉

    • I suggest you don’t stare too Janna. It works for me here because most of the time when I step out, I;m wearing layers of clothing all over me 🙂 So no one gets to see me 🙂 HEnce I stare 🙂

  4. Wow — I didn’t realize that in India even married couples don’t hold hands on the street. It must have been a lot for you and your husband to adjust to after you moved to America. Thanks for sharing your insider’s perspective. Very sweet.

    • This adjusting is pretty easy here melissa.. Cause in India, we had to adjust to not hold hands in public 🙂 so, this comes natural to us 🙂 o BTW.. we moved to canada 🙂

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