Acceptance..EOD, this is what we all want.

Agree or not, I think every one born as normal human beings long for acceptance. Take a moment to think about the very things that made you happy today.Does the feeling of being accepted pop out in any of those circumstances?

Lets face it. Does not your heart do a dance of joy when people comment on your Facebook Status?Does not your heart leap when someone likes your profile picture? Don’t you look out for a pat from your boss? Don’t you wish you are a part of a popular group?

If you said yes to all the above questions and no to the last one, think again. If you love singing, you would always wish to be one of the singers on stage. If you blog, don’t you wish to be freshly pressed? If you are a professional, don’t you wish to be in the appreciated team? And that is what I mean popular group. The truth is, at the end of the day, we all want to feel accepted.

No one would like to be part of a group where they don’t feel accepted.I’ve found myself in lots of places like that. Sometimes I crawled my way out and sometimes I found a group of people who din’t feel accepted in that particular crowd and hence I felt accepted in the ‘don’t feel accepted’ group.A win-win situation for everybody. 🙂

I cant seem to decide whether the feeling of acceptance is a good thing or bad.I can’t even decide if there should be a level for the level of acceptance we should long for. All I can see is, everything that we seem to do has its source in wanting to be accepted.

Makes me wonder if, the people part of various terrorist organisations, stick to those organisations because that was the only place where they felt accepted? If this be true, did the rest of us who claim to be ‘good people’ , fail to make them feel accepted in the normal world.Maybe we created those organisations. Maybe we are responsible in some way or the other for such organisations to exist.

If so, by going out of our way today to make someone feel accepted , will or can we avoid the creation of a tommorrow’s ‘bad person’ ? Think about it.


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