Why I think an action movie is no better than a chick-flick.

It’s no big secret that girls like chick-flick movies and guys like action movies. BTW, if you haven’t heard of the term chick-flick… shame on you. Check out what wiki has to day about it here.

To the girls read on.To the guys, please skip this paragraph.Remember those days when you and your brother fought over the remote cause HBO had a Jackie Chan movie playing and Star Movies had serendipity playing? (I no longer have that problem.Cause my dude, cannot watch any movies 🙂 )Remember when your guy friends would roll their eyes when they heard you were watching Notebook? Remember how you refused to go to the movies with friends once you heard the movie they were going to is an action movie?Been there? Your truly, has been. A lot of times.

I just ended up watching an old action movie suggested by my hubby’s friends.As usual, hubby just watched half and I ended up watching the full movie.Made me think.So here I was , watching a movie in the genre I hate. I remembered the many reason guys have given me so far for not watching chick-flicks. I could think of the same reasons why I do not like Action movies.

Guys say in chick-flicks, everything is too cheesy.I say, in action movies everything is so gross.In chick-flicks, guys feel the story is predictable.(O COME ON! Could you predict the ending of Walk to Remember? .OK, maybe that was a bad example.) But I think in actions movies, everything is predictable too. Girl meets guy. Girl somehow manages to get herself  caught in villain’s camp.Guy/Hero saves girl and in the process bashes up a million bad guys.Guy and Girl live happily ever after.

Guys say, the sequence of events in Chick-flicks seem too made up. But come on… Who are you kidding? What about all those fight scenes? One guy taking down a hundred guys single handedly? One unarmed guy fighting twenty armed guys?I can ask you a million question in the same line, but I know the answer already.So, forget it.

So, all I am wondering is, how or what makes guys attracted to action movies? It is in no way, (at least in my opinion) any more real than chick-flick movies. And why on earth do guys pretend that they can’t stand chick-flick movies.When girls can watch action movies even though we don’t like it, why can’t guys sit through a chick-flick without complaining?

PS : Hubby and I already had a huge discussion on this topic already… Would love your thoughts as well. And if you can name a movie that does not fall under this, of-course it is an exception :).


9 thoughts on “Why I think an action movie is no better than a chick-flick.

  1. The reason is within the hormones.Girls are more emotionaly inclined so like love stories more.The testosterone make guys more likely to adventure and wild fantasies.that’s the reason.

  2. well u see there are more than these 2 categories 😛

    1)GOOD love movies (notebook)
    2)Crappy chick flicks (Walk to remember)
    3)Crappy action movies (Endhiran)
    4)GOOD action movies (Taken)
    5)Comedy ???

    Try comparing walk to remember and dark knight 🙂 or blood diamond or departed ……

    You are comparing decent chick flicks to crappy action movies 😛

      • who is this dinny ?
        its DECENT not as good as notebook.
        the scene in walk to remember where they stand in between the state borders is L-A-M-E.
        tat jus killed the movie fr me. 😛 blood is boiling ?? 😛

  3. I guess I’m lucky because my hubby isn’t really a movie buff, but when there’s a romantic comedy that I want to see he will go see it with me (willingly) and he sometimes enjoys them.

    He doesn’t watch action flicks, but I can tell you that our taste in comedies is VERY different. He made me watch “The Hangover.” He laughed all the way through it, while I kept thinking, “this is SOOOO stupid!”

  4. i have to say, Angel, I LOVE action movies. If you gave me a choice between an action movie and a chick flick, 9 out of 10 times I’ll pick the action movie. Maybe that’s why I can watch movies so easily with guys! IDK, but I also love chick flicks… Just not as much as action movies. 😉 Nice post

    -Tia ❤

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