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What happens when the lions cook?

Q : What happens when the lions cook?

Ans : The lionesses go hungry without food.

OK. Let me spell that out for you. My hubby always calls himself a lion. He says that men of the house are like lions. Why, you ask me? . It’s a long story.Let’s leave that for another day.

My hubby and couple of his friends decided to cook a dinner for the wives.The plan when they suggested was that, the girls were supposed to go shopping and when we returned, dinner will be ready on the plates for us to eat. Now, this is a dream come true to any girl and so the plan was set for last saturday.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I ended up with the guys as they went shopping on saturday morning for the ingredients.The shopping started around 12 in the noon. We, or rather the guys brought some meat and we… Oh! wait. ‘Some’ is not the correct word. The guys brought huge amount of meat.Then we went to buy other ingredients when the guys thought that the meat was not enough.So we ended up going back to the first store buying some more.I was a mere spectator and totally enjoying the enthusiasm the guys showed shopping for grocery.

Half way through the shopping, I realized that the guys were planning only the meat part of the dinner. Now, if you not an Indian, I should tell you a little bit about our meal habit. Each Indian meal will consist of rice / roti, a curry to eat the rice/roti with and some side dish.Sometimes, we even have different varieties of curries to eat the rice with. So, back to our story. The rice and curry was totally missing from the guys’ plan.(A peek into the future : The girls ended up making the curry and the rice).

By the time the other girls returned home, we were still out. Shopping. So there was the first hint that maybe dinner will not be on the table in time. So we managed to return home sometime late evening.Then started the cooking. The 3 lions involved in the making of the dinner ran up and down the stairs(as cooking was happening in 3 houses on different floors) for close to 3 hrs before the meat was finally ready.(The turkey took too long to cook so we ended up eating it for lunch the next day 🙂 )

And we ended up having a midnight dinner.Exactly some time after 12.Few slept before dinner 🙂 .That was the case of ‘when the lions cooked’.

To the lions that planned the dinner, all I(on behalf of the lionesses) can say is, Thank you. You gave us a reason to not wish our hubby cooked for us often.You gave us a good laugh and more than that, you gave me a blog topic 🙂 .Alright, now jokes apart, thank you dear lions for the thought of making dinner for the lionesses (though it was a ticket for you to a feast).It’s the thought that counts and Of,course to the world I declare, the meat was amazing (wink,wink).

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Show me your FaceBook wall and I’ll tell you who you are.

As a facebook user for close to 4 years now, it is not very surprising to see a pattern in someone’s profile.Especially when it comes to updating pictures.Actually, you can judge a  person’s age by the kind of pictures or comment a person leaves.Let me pen it down in points for you.

  1. New Facebook User : You see a lot of profile information changes happening in your news feed.The profile picture changes 5 times in a day as you are trying to find the right one. You probably comment on everybody’s updates for a day or two as you assumed it was meant for you personally. It takes a day or two for you to know that updates are for everyone.
  2. Pre Teen User : You are a kid that is not legally supposed to be on Facebook but you are stating false age.You are in for games like Farmville, Frontierville and Fishville. No updates/status. No Information about self.No pictures except maybe a profile picture of you along with a thousand other people.
  3. Early Teen User : This crowd updates pictures mostly of school trips.Absolutely no status updates.Litttle bit of comments here and there for pictures of friends.You Click on all possible application like ‘Find out who’ and ‘Are you Happy today’.
  4. Late Teen User : This crowd is probably the most active.Videos from you tube find themselves on your wall.Lots of status updates Lots of pictures of themselves at different angles and lots of commenting.Lots of texting language used.
  5. College user : You mostly update about how exam sucks or how much you want a holiday. Lots of pictures of friends hanging out. And most importantly, most of the updates happen late nights.
  6. Being single User : This is the category where most of my friends seem to be in. You change profile picture but only have pictures in which you look nothing less than awesome.Updates don’t happen very often and when it does happen, it is quite sensible. Usually a statement you want to make or an opinion about something. Not much of commenting on other profiles.
  7. Engaged User : Profile picture changes to that of you and fiancée.Lots of updates regarding wedding plans.
  8. Just married User : Profile picture changes to the best pic of the bride and the groom in the wedding attire.No status updates for a while.No activity on Facebook for a while. Of course, I know of people who have updated 4 hrs before their wedding but then they are an exception.
  9. Newly Married User : Pictures of spouse and you at different places. Profile picture is definitely one of spouse and you.Updates about nature and places visited. Times of separation leads to updates of how awesome your spouse is.
  10. Not so newly Married User : Now, this is where I currently fall in. You are tired of looking for profile pictures where both you and spouse both look good as you realize that you may never get such a picture any time soon. So you contemplate putting up a profile picture with just you and no spouse but then your heart is still not satisfied, so you just don’t change your profile picture at all.
  11. New Parent User : Profile picture is definitely of the baby or you with the baby. Spouse disappears from the profile pictures or any newly added pictures if they do not carry the baby.Updates on what the baby did.
  12. Old User : You know if you fall into this category, if you hardly update and your comments on your friends pictures or walls usually gets no response.No profile picture changes.No status messages. You are probably here cause you want to get in touch with your child.
After writing all this, all I can think of is that, I cannot prove to the world any better that I am quite jobless.
So, which category do you think you fit in? I’ve gone through 6 to 10. Before 6, are my pre-Facebook days and I guess after 10 are my future Facebook days.So, where are you now?
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Every day questions answered.

Disclaimer : None of the reasons and explanations given below are mine. I have copied some from the internet and met the author of the some other explanation. Read on and be amazed / amused. But never, ever, ever try this at home.

What is the best diet to eat when you are sick with flu/temperature.

Ans: The most spiciest food possible like Biriyani. Cause by eating such heavy food, you actually end up confusing the virus that is attacking your body.Hence, the virus becomes ineffective in harming your body.

How do you protect your body from biting cold winds?

Leave one part of your body like your head or hands uncovered.Your brain can only concentrate on one thing.So when your uncovered part begins to pain from the cold, your brain knows it. What it fails to notice is that, the other parts of your body are cold too.Hence, you are actually warm.

Why must we put on our pants one leg at a time?

Ans: If we jumped into our pants simultaneously placing both legs in at one time, we would land heavily on the ground. As a majority of us are getting dressed at the same time of the morning, the cumulative effect would Cause an earth tremor. Due to the use of time zones, the tremor established In Eastern Time would arrive in the central zone at precisely the moment all those people were jumping into their pants. The tremor would increase in size exponentially, and proceed west to combine with the mountain zone folks as they get dressed. As this cycle encircles the globe, it would feed upon the next day’s Tremor and eventually cause the earth’s crust to break apart and float into space. This is why we put our pants on one leg at a time. :)

PS : Please feel free to ask me any doubts you may have regarding the first two questions. Cause I know the ‘brain’ behind the explanations personally and I can get your doubts clarified.As for the last one, I am unaware of who came up with explanation.
Hope you have an awesome week ahead.
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Why is Good Friday called good and not sad/bad?

I’ve had this question asked to me many a times by the people around me and what better use of a blog than to answer the question here.So, if you are one of the many who has this question, read on.

When God created man, He created him as a honest and truthful person.But sin came into man’s life and messed him up. In order to save us from the clutches of sin, Jesus(God) came to this earth and died as an atonement for our sins.The day that Jesus died, is celebrated as Good Friday. On the third day, Jesus rose up alive from the grave.And that day is celebrated as Easter.

Why is the day, Good?

Yes, it is sad that Jesus died but He did not stay dead. The good part is that, this is the day in which God’s plan to redeem man was fulfilled. This is the day that God proved His love for us by taking our sins upon Him.This is the day God had waited for ages to happen.So you see, this is a good day.

What changed as a result of this day?

Its like the day the soap was invented.To the people who were dirty,soap gave hope of cleanliness.And it remains so this day.And because of Good Friday, man has hope to steer his life clean of whatever mess he might be in.

What does this day mean to me?

This day to me means, there is a way for me to be a better person. There is a way for my future to be secure in God’s hands no matter what circumstance I may face.This day means there is a God who loves me no matter what I do, where I go or what I say.And that is why, everyday feels like a Good Friday to me.

This is a song by Avalon that I came across just today.Hope you enjoy it.

My fav part of the lyrics is this

We are the reason that He gave His life
We are the reason that He suffered and died
To a world that was lost He gave all He could give
To show us the reason to live

Happy Good Friday to all of you.May the day mean to you hope for a better life.

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An ode ….

I look at your beaming face and smile

But you stare,hardly ever acknowledging me.

I search your face, looking for signs

Signs that will show me, you know me

But you remain the same everyday.

I even know the speck of dirt on your cheek

After a day’s hard work.

I know every line on your face,

How can I not know?

For your face is all I see ,all the time.

I see you in the morning when you wake up

And your face shines like the light.

As you slowly come to life,

I see my whole life in your eyes

Buy why,Oh why don’t you see me?

There are times when I want to hate you

Times when I don’t want you in my life anymore.

There are times when I wish you whisper back to me

But you don’t, for you do not see me.

Try as I can,but I can’t stop loving you

My dear laptop, why do u bother me so much?

Konar Note : This poem is a result of spending a day alone.Readers have to be thankful that I’m not alone in my life.Else they will have to read more poems like this. 🙂

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Why I like ‘liking’

There are times when I feel very vocal and I want to make comments about things I read.But then there are times when I wish to be quite.And those are the times that made me fall in love with ‘liking’.

Reasons why I click on the ‘like’ button.

  1. I really like what I read.
  2. I think what is written is funny.
  3. I want to acknowledge that I read something.
  4. I can’t think of something witty to reply to someone and hence I simply ‘like’ what they said.

Out of the top few reasons, reason 1 is why I mostly ‘like’ articles.But I cannot deny the fact that reason 4 closely competes with that.I have become so accustomed to ‘liking’ things I read, that my mind automatically scans a page or website to find the familiar ‘like’ button.At times even before I read the article.Such is my addiction.

When I read really good articles, I have wished that the ‘like’ button would let me ‘like’ the article as many times I want.Cause just one like does not seem to do justice.Maybe it will come up in future.And we will be able to mention how many likes we wanna give. Oh wait, thats the star concept.(you can find it at the end of this blog).

Did you know that the ‘like’ button on Facebook was previously named ‘Awesome’? . For a more detailed history of the like button, check out here. Anyway, I’m not sure if I would have liked the ‘Awesome’ button as much as the ‘like’ button had it stayed. Wow, it is kinda scary to know that Facebook team knows what I may like. 😮 .

Now, I hope you don’t start thinking what could be the reason when I ‘like’ something you write.It could be reason 1 or it could be reason 5.(Don’t look up.I din’t mention it cause it is a secret reason).

So, why do you ‘like’ things?

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Spring, Oh Spring, Do you really exist?

As long as I was in India, spring was never given a thought. It was only name of a season that I studied in class 3(I think). It never meant anything special.But the moment I landed in Calgary, I was told, look forward to spring. It is just around the corner. And I believed all of them.

Everytime I walked out in -28, I told myself ‘Spring is just around the corner’. Everytime I felt my legs going numb, I told myself, ‘Spring is coming soon’. Everytime I wore a pretty dress and covered it with layers of jackets, I told myself, ‘Spring is almost here’. And last week, when the temp hit around +8, I was excited.Looked like Spring was finally just around the corner.But, I woke up today morning and this is what I saw.

While the sight that greeted me this morning looked too beautiful for words, I’ve had enough. I refuse to believe that Spring is here. I refuse to believe Spring will be nice. I refuse to think that I can ever walk out without jackets.I refuse to give spring my hope. What can I say? I’ll believe it when I see it.