On the road to being a better person.

I’ve always prided myself in knowing new things. I’ve always wanted to keep myself updated. But sadly, that thoughts extend not only to technology but also to things like movies and sitcoms.

Before I went through what I call my personal transformation, I was a Television addict.And that traits continues to pop up every now and then in my life.There was a time when I quit my first job, that I used to watch more than say 5 movies a day. There were times when out of 24hrs in a day, I’ve sat watching ‘House’ for almost 15 hrs.That is the kind of power television has in my life.

My favorite genre of movies are like Cinderella, Anastasia, Polar Express, Lizzie Mc.Guire (you’re getting it right?) and sitcoms are Full House and Small Wonder.I know that watching the kind of programs that I watch are not wrong but I also know that there is a limit to how much time I spend on watching these things.

So, as a housewife right now, this is my major struggle. Not to watch too much of television. Now what’s wrong with watching too much of television ,you ask me? . I say, nothing. Except that I’ve learnt that there are lot more useful things that I can be spending my time on rather than glue myself to the television or rather I should say in my case, my laptop.

Had you noticed, you would have realized that I was quite absent from the blogging world the whole of last week.It was not that my life had suddenly become hectic. It was just that, I ended up watching a lot of television .(2 world cup cricket matches that India won. Yipee 🙂 )

Two days ago, hubby and I decided to get a Netflix account. Everything was fine except that when I saw the choice of movies it offered, a fear set in my heart. I was scared that I am gonna end up where  I started.But I think that this fear is good. It will make my time spent here in check.

So I, in giving up my television watching am choosing not to know who will be the next Disney star after Selena Gomez.This means I will not be knowing what is the next big thing after ‘ How I met your Mother’. This to me, conflicts with my pride of knowing things 😦 . But that’t the choice we all have to make someday or the other. While the thought of wanting to be a better person is awesome, the road to it is certainly full of sacrifices and is scary.

So, what’s your television?


4 thoughts on “On the road to being a better person.

  1. Netflix is amazing! But, be careful, because it is extremely addicting! We watch it almost every night… 😦 It’s okay though, because we all like it! haha 😀 Wow, 15 hrs. out of 24. Yeah that’s a little much. 😉

    -Tia ❤

  2. It’s amazing (scary) how much time watching TV can suck out of a day. There are only a couple shows I watch, and I’m often on the computer or doing something else at the same time, but I used to watch two or three hours a night and even more on the weekends.

    I refuse to get Netflix or even a DVR because I think it could lure me back on the couch, in front of the TV – exactly where I don’t need to be.

    Good luck, and be strong – resist the pull of the television 🙂

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