The Mind-blowing Mind of Man.

Have you ever paused to think how far man has come in terms of his thinking? I mean, there seems to be no end to what he can think of.There are some things that really set my head spinning when I think about them.Things like,

  • Archeology – Who on earth decided to dig deeper that what we can see? Isn’t it amazing what all we are able to infer from the things that we uncover from the earth.
  • Photography – A moment to be cherished for a lifetime. Someone’s mind was not satisfied with seeing things and storing them in their heart.
  • Medicine – Wonder what made someone to decide to cut open human skin?Discover what lies beneath the soft flesh that can be felt?
  • Astronomy – Who knew that there are more stars in the world than what the human eye could see? Someone decided to go to the moon. Pretty amazing huh?
  • Technology – Minds can think of sending electric pulses to make one and one equal two.Minds that can think of making me see the other end of the world live.

I could go on and on. In every thing, the human mind seems to exceed all expectations and thoughts every time it sets out to think.Poetry, Songs, Movies, Literature and what not. Everything proclaims the beauty of the mind of man. Everything created new declares a mind’s creativity.

If a created being can be so creative, How much more creative would the Creator be? Like someone said, God must have made the stars and everything else in this world and put them out for us to find.


6 thoughts on “The Mind-blowing Mind of Man.

  1. like the way u see the good side 🙂
    The intention of the comment is to show another side 🙂

    Ever thought of how cruel the nature is 🙂 life kills another life to survive. Millions of people are killed every year cos of racial hatred , religious hatred , and other reasons.

    Millions are starving in the world when people hold feast and party. People around world wear diamonds and gold jewellery when they can use that money to feed thousands 🙂 Dont we still have slave trade 🙂

    All this from man who was created in the image of the god 🙂 hmmm 🙂

  2. Your positivity is a shining light, for sure!

    It is amazing what man has discovered throughout the years. It’s also a bit worrisome to me because the more man learns, the more we seem to mess up the world (think oil spills, nuclear waste, gas-guzzling vehicles, landfills full of non-biodegradable plastics).

    Advances in medicine and science are simply astounding, but we must remember that we cannot play God. We have only discovered some of the mysteries of life, but God has known them all along.

    I agree with the first comment that there is a lot of ugliness in the world, but there is still beauty in it, too. Man was made in God’s image, but God gave us free will so we could make our own choices. God is not to blame for the ugliness; our bad choices are.

    I’m sorry my light doesn’t shine nearly as brightly as yours, but I do thank you for putting a smile on my face 🙂

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