Wanna remember something? Try forgetting it.

STOP!. Don’t read this post. At least not yet. Close your eyes and time yourself for two minutes.In those moments, I dare you not to think about darkness, light and stars.Go on, try it.Let me know if you successfully did not think about these three things.

How many times have you wanted to desperately not think about something but only ended up thinking exactly about it.Not quite getting it? .What about the days closer to the release of your exam results?Did you not want to not think about what would happen and end up thinking only about it?(You may have to read this sentence again to get what I mean 🙂 )This happens to me all the time.

Few nights back, I could not sleep. I remembered someone saying somewhere that counting sheep helps.So I counted sheep jumping over the fence. It did not work.(BTW I really wonder if it had worked for anybody). I mean, when you count your sheep, don’t you notice the fence shape,the color of the mountains behind the sheep, the breed of the sheep etc? (Or is it just me that notices all these things? )

So, if at all I learnt anything from this experience, it is to not do math while trying to fall asleep.It only gets me more excited than what a cup of coffee can achieve.

Thinking about all this, I wonder why I never realised this concept of inverse relativity before.(I could explain this theory for you but not before I get the patent or what ever you call that for it).

So, by trying to not think something, we are able to fully think about it.That means if we try to not think about the things that we want to think about, would not we be actually thinking about the things that we want to think about????

In college,there were so many things that I wanted to remember but I simply could not. Maybe if I had tried hard to forget those words and terms, I could have aced my subjects. But, too late now. So if you are reading this and you are still in college, why don’t you give this a try?


4 thoughts on “Wanna remember something? Try forgetting it.

  1. I have found that when I’m stuck and can’t figure something out, if I walk away from it for a while, I’ll get ideas for how to solve the problem. All while not even consciously thinking about.

    Great reminder the de-focusing can be healthy 🙂

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