CMB series Chapter 2 : Patience

Hey there!. So you are back to read my ‘Changes Marriage Brings’ series.Awesome.Read on.

If you know you are a short tempered person, here is a chance for you to be a better person.You cannot have a happy marriage if you do not have patience.

At noon today, while preparing lunch, I asked hubby to goggle a recipe for the dish I was planning to make.Hubby very excitedly did so.While I expected him to find a recipe that was written down, hubby darling logged into Youtube and started watching a video recipe.In a language that both of us do not know 🙂 What do I do? I pray for patience and let darling finish watching that video.

Someone commented on my previous chapter that the examples were one-sided.So I’m gonna try to balance it out.

I know the numerous times hubby has asked me to do something before he left for work, which I would totally forget. I had spend days being bored and complaining about being bored but forgetting to do some important tasks. And every time hubby would ask me if  I had done it, I would give the same sheepish sweet smile.After all, can he get impatient with his new wife? 🙂 (Maybe after 1 yr and 3 months, I should stop feeling newly married 🙂 )

I think this is one change that happens as soon as one is married. You develop an extraordinary sense of patience towards your spouse without even trying hard.Reasons being, you are newly married and you are in the honey moon phase.Hold on to this change for this is a good change.But this, I fear would fade out in a few years.So, if you are in this phase or going to step into this phase in the future, here is your chance.Make this your way of life/habit and you are on the road to being a better person and an awesome marriage.

Check out chapter one of CMB series here.


5 thoughts on “CMB series Chapter 2 : Patience

  1. Patience is a good quality to have, and I hope you both are able to hang on to it. I pray for you and your hubby to have a long and happy marriage.

    I have not been blessed with abundant patience and most of mine has eroded away 🙂 Luckily, my hubby takes it well.

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