How I brought down the blinds.

Window Blinds, I hate them.Yes. Hate is the word.I confess that I cannot work the window blinds down.Up is always so easy. But the down part is a process. That takes a minimum of 3 minutes for me.

I remember we had window blinds in one of the offices that I worked in India and I never could figure it out.Hence I never went near them.I thought then, that if I had more time to figure the blinds out, I would ace it.But I was wrong.

In our current house, we have Window Blinds.For every window.The result? On sunny days they would go up and stay there for a couple of days before I decide to bring them down. Once down, they stay that way for a long long time.These are few pictures that I took before once when I was trying to bring the blinds down.

Yes, that’s how I bring them down.Inch by Inch and side by side.I have tried this over a hundred times now and I am no better .A friend of mine even showed me how to do it but somehow that does not seem to work on my windows.I YouTubed for a video that can show me how to work the blinds, but all I found are more funny videos of people trying to bring the blinds down.So guess I’m not alone.

So, do you have the same problem? Or whats your technique to bring the blinds down?


10 thoughts on “How I brought down the blinds.

  1. Ugh those blinds are the WORST! I’m fortunate enough to having really nice blinds in my house, so it’s easy to roll them up and down. But at the office I have to clean the blinds, and those are a bugger!! SOOOO HARD. Anyway, I can totally relate Angel. 😉

    -Tia ❤

  2. I thought this post was going to metaphorical, but literal is just so much better under the circumstances. I’m sure it will click sooner or later and then it will be a nothing event. That happened to me with snapping my fingers.

  3. I can relate to your troubles. I had mini blinds when I lived in an apartment and just never raised them. In my house, we got vertical blinds, so it isn’t an issue. I know that’s cheating, but it makes life sooooo much easier!

    Sunlight is overrated anyway 🙂

  4. Hey! Okay, so, I admit, I just barely looked up how to bring down the blinds, because I can NOT get them. But then, I found some research on Google and now I know how to do it! So you should have at least 2-4 strings, maybe attached together. This is what you pull to bring the blinds up. To bring the blinds down, you pull all the strings at the same time, but pull to the left. I like to do this very slowly so the blinds don’t get all jumbled and messed up. It sometimes won’t work, so I have to grab on the strings, hold my arm out straight to the left, and pull. I hope this helped, and I am very sorry that I am not good at explaining. I WOULD show you a video of me doing it, but I don’t exactly have a camera that I could use right now.

    • Yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy. God bless you Kienna. I read your comment and immediately went to the window.. Guess wat?? IT WORKS.. PEople… IT WORKS.

      Kienna, You are now officially my hero . 🙂 A great learn when summer is due 🙂

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