BedBugs are no fun.I mean it. Where we live, they are treated with utmost priority.And that’s what happened at our place yesterday.

One of the flats above our floor had a complain of bedbugs in their apartment, as a result of which, 18 houses(with no bedbugs) had to undergo the ‘bedbug’ treatment yesterday.So, we had to pack our entire house, put all stuff into plastic bags, seal them and leave the house almost empty for the ‘terminators’ to treat the house.

The only fun part in this entire operation is the fact that we had to leave the house as well. So, the ‘Bored Housewives Club’ sprung into action(Cause two of the affected houses are active members of this group).We hit the malls.Shopped around a whole day.Oh!There’s another fun part to this treatment. The kitchen was closed for 24 hrs. 🙂 :)SO, we ended up eating out.The whole day.

Packing everything was easy. Unpacking is not.Since we came home late last night feeling dead tired, we did not try unpacking anything then.So this morning when hubby had to get ready to work, it was awful.We had to rummage though plastic bags to figure out where we packed our iron.As a result, I am lying amidst huge plastic bags and a couch filled with clothes.Sigh. Unpacking times ahead.

My top three reason why I dislike Bedbugs :

  1. You have to pack everything in your house for the treatment.
  2. You have to unpack everything you packed after the treatment.
  3. You have to pray earnestly not just for your house but for the 18 houses surrounding your house for BedBug protection.(Do I sound a little selfish here? 😦 )

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