Spring, Oh Spring, Do you really exist?

As long as I was in India, spring was never given a thought. It was only name of a season that I studied in class 3(I think). It never meant anything special.But the moment I landed in Calgary, I was told, look forward to spring. It is just around the corner. And I believed all of them.

Everytime I walked out in -28, I told myself ‘Spring is just around the corner’. Everytime I felt my legs going numb, I told myself, ‘Spring is coming soon’. Everytime I wore a pretty dress and covered it with layers of jackets, I told myself, ‘Spring is almost here’. And last week, when the temp hit around +8, I was excited.Looked like Spring was finally just around the corner.But, I woke up today morning and this is what I saw.

While the sight that greeted me this morning looked too beautiful for words, I’ve had enough. I refuse to believe that Spring is here. I refuse to believe Spring will be nice. I refuse to think that I can ever walk out without jackets.I refuse to give spring my hope. What can I say? I’ll believe it when I see it.


4 thoughts on “Spring, Oh Spring, Do you really exist?

  1. Wow….those are some pics! We’re approaching ninety degrees here, so it’s hard to believe that such chilly weather is still hanging around.

    Don’t lose faith; Spring does exist. It’s just hanging out with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny right at the moment.

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