An ode ….

I look at your beaming face and smile

But you stare,hardly ever acknowledging me.

I search your face, looking for signs

Signs that will show me, you know me

But you remain the same everyday.

I even know the speck of dirt on your cheek

After a day’s hard work.

I know every line on your face,

How can I not know?

For your face is all I see ,all the time.

I see you in the morning when you wake up

And your face shines like the light.

As you slowly come to life,

I see my whole life in your eyes

Buy why,Oh why don’t you see me?

There are times when I want to hate you

Times when I don’t want you in my life anymore.

There are times when I wish you whisper back to me

But you don’t, for you do not see me.

Try as I can,but I can’t stop loving you

My dear laptop, why do u bother me so much?

Konar Note : This poem is a result of spending a day alone.Readers have to be thankful that I’m not alone in my life.Else they will have to read more poems like this. 🙂


6 thoughts on “An ode ….

  1. It was going all romantic, I thought I might comment “who is the one?”
    but you did good job ruining it 🙂

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