Every day questions answered.

Disclaimer : None of the reasons and explanations given below are mine. I have copied some from the internet and met the author of the some other explanation. Read on and be amazed / amused. But never, ever, ever try this at home.

What is the best diet to eat when you are sick with flu/temperature.

Ans: The most spiciest food possible like Biriyani. Cause by eating such heavy food, you actually end up confusing the virus that is attacking your body.Hence, the virus becomes ineffective in harming your body.

How do you protect your body from biting cold winds?

Leave one part of your body like your head or hands uncovered.Your brain can only concentrate on one thing.So when your uncovered part begins to pain from the cold, your brain knows it. What it fails to notice is that, the other parts of your body are cold too.Hence, you are actually warm.

Why must we put on our pants one leg at a time?

Ans: If we jumped into our pants simultaneously placing both legs in at one time, we would land heavily on the ground. As a majority of us are getting dressed at the same time of the morning, the cumulative effect would Cause an earth tremor. Due to the use of time zones, the tremor established In Eastern Time would arrive in the central zone at precisely the moment all those people were jumping into their pants. The tremor would increase in size exponentially, and proceed west to combine with the mountain zone folks as they get dressed. As this cycle encircles the globe, it would feed upon the next day’s Tremor and eventually cause the earth’s crust to break apart and float into space. This is why we put our pants on one leg at a time. :)

PS : Please feel free to ask me any doubts you may have regarding the first two questions. Cause I know the ‘brain’ behind the explanations personally and I can get your doubts clarified.As for the last one, I am unaware of who came up with explanation.
Hope you have an awesome week ahead.

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