Show me your FaceBook wall and I’ll tell you who you are.

As a facebook user for close to 4 years now, it is not very surprising to see a pattern in someone’s profile.Especially when it comes to updating pictures.Actually, you can judge a  person’s age by the kind of pictures or comment a person leaves.Let me pen it down in points for you.

  1. New Facebook User : You see a lot of profile information changes happening in your news feed.The profile picture changes 5 times in a day as you are trying to find the right one. You probably comment on everybody’s updates for a day or two as you assumed it was meant for you personally. It takes a day or two for you to know that updates are for everyone.
  2. Pre Teen User : You are a kid that is not legally supposed to be on Facebook but you are stating false age.You are in for games like Farmville, Frontierville and Fishville. No updates/status. No Information about self.No pictures except maybe a profile picture of you along with a thousand other people.
  3. Early Teen User : This crowd updates pictures mostly of school trips.Absolutely no status updates.Litttle bit of comments here and there for pictures of friends.You Click on all possible application like ‘Find out who’ and ‘Are you Happy today’.
  4. Late Teen User : This crowd is probably the most active.Videos from you tube find themselves on your wall.Lots of status updates Lots of pictures of themselves at different angles and lots of commenting.Lots of texting language used.
  5. College user : You mostly update about how exam sucks or how much you want a holiday. Lots of pictures of friends hanging out. And most importantly, most of the updates happen late nights.
  6. Being single User : This is the category where most of my friends seem to be in. You change profile picture but only have pictures in which you look nothing less than awesome.Updates don’t happen very often and when it does happen, it is quite sensible. Usually a statement you want to make or an opinion about something. Not much of commenting on other profiles.
  7. Engaged User : Profile picture changes to that of you and fiancée.Lots of updates regarding wedding plans.
  8. Just married User : Profile picture changes to the best pic of the bride and the groom in the wedding attire.No status updates for a while.No activity on Facebook for a while. Of course, I know of people who have updated 4 hrs before their wedding but then they are an exception.
  9. Newly Married User : Pictures of spouse and you at different places. Profile picture is definitely one of spouse and you.Updates about nature and places visited. Times of separation leads to updates of how awesome your spouse is.
  10. Not so newly Married User : Now, this is where I currently fall in. You are tired of looking for profile pictures where both you and spouse both look good as you realize that you may never get such a picture any time soon. So you contemplate putting up a profile picture with just you and no spouse but then your heart is still not satisfied, so you just don’t change your profile picture at all.
  11. New Parent User : Profile picture is definitely of the baby or you with the baby. Spouse disappears from the profile pictures or any newly added pictures if they do not carry the baby.Updates on what the baby did.
  12. Old User : You know if you fall into this category, if you hardly update and your comments on your friends pictures or walls usually gets no response.No profile picture changes.No status messages. You are probably here cause you want to get in touch with your child.
After writing all this, all I can think of is that, I cannot prove to the world any better that I am quite jobless.
So, which category do you think you fit in? I’ve gone through 6 to 10. Before 6, are my pre-Facebook days and I guess after 10 are my future Facebook days.So, where are you now?

5 thoughts on “Show me your FaceBook wall and I’ll tell you who you are.

  1. This was a fun read, but I don’t fit into any of the categories because I don’t even have a Facebook account. I don’t even know if there are many more of us holdouts left 🙂

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