What happens when the lions cook?

Q : What happens when the lions cook?

Ans : The lionesses go hungry without food.

OK. Let me spell that out for you. My hubby always calls himself a lion. He says that men of the house are like lions. Why, you ask me? . It’s a long story.Let’s leave that for another day.

My hubby and couple of his friends decided to cook a dinner for the wives.The plan when they suggested was that, the girls were supposed to go shopping and when we returned, dinner will be ready on the plates for us to eat. Now, this is a dream come true to any girl and so the plan was set for last saturday.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I ended up with the guys as they went shopping on saturday morning for the ingredients.The shopping started around 12 in the noon. We, or rather the guys brought some meat and we… Oh! wait. ‘Some’ is not the correct word. The guys brought huge amount of meat.Then we went to buy other ingredients when the guys thought that the meat was not enough.So we ended up going back to the first store buying some more.I was a mere spectator and totally enjoying the enthusiasm the guys showed shopping for grocery.

Half way through the shopping, I realized that the guys were planning only the meat part of the dinner. Now, if you not an Indian, I should tell you a little bit about our meal habit. Each Indian meal will consist of rice / roti, a curry to eat the rice/roti with and some side dish.Sometimes, we even have different varieties of curries to eat the rice with. So, back to our story. The rice and curry was totally missing from the guys’ plan.(A peek into the future : The girls ended up making the curry and the rice).

By the time the other girls returned home, we were still out. Shopping. So there was the first hint that maybe dinner will not be on the table in time. So we managed to return home sometime late evening.Then started the cooking. The 3 lions involved in the making of the dinner ran up and down the stairs(as cooking was happening in 3 houses on different floors) for close to 3 hrs before the meat was finally ready.(The turkey took too long to cook so we ended up eating it for lunch the next day 🙂 )

And we ended up having a midnight dinner.Exactly some time after 12.Few slept before dinner 🙂 .That was the case of ‘when the lions cooked’.

To the lions that planned the dinner, all I(on behalf of the lionesses) can say is, Thank you. You gave us a reason to not wish our hubby cooked for us often.You gave us a good laugh and more than that, you gave me a blog topic 🙂 .Alright, now jokes apart, thank you dear lions for the thought of making dinner for the lionesses (though it was a ticket for you to a feast).It’s the thought that counts and Of,course to the world I declare, the meat was amazing (wink,wink).


5 thoughts on “What happens when the lions cook?

  1. Well… well… “First calling themselves – LIONS” is the first mistake your hubbies made. LIONS don’t hunt. The eat the hunted food which Lioness bring.. And this was exactly what happened here.

    Well… Check with one of the Lion, if an ex-mallu roomate was there to help, things would have gone pretty cool.. 🙂

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