Jasper – Beyond my wildest dreams.

I am a dreamer. I dream about pretty butterflies and colorful flowers.I dream about future and and kids.I dream about my ideal job and life.I dream about singing and music.But, more than all these, I dream about nature.But what I saw on my trip last weekend was something beyond what I had ever dared to dream about.

Last weekend, I went to a place called Jasper.You can read about the city here. It was a small town with an amazing view of the mountains.Jasper is basically a land covered with lakes and rivers.I visited the maligne canyon and few lakes.We were a party of 25 and we took a trip through the train which traveled through the mountains giving us an amazing view of the wildlife, the rivers and the mountains.

So, without any further rambling, I give you JASPER……

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Wisdom from my refrigerator.

Wisdom can be found in the most unusual of places.Like, for instance, my refrigerator.If, it was a living creature, it would probably be crying out loud protesting against all that I stuff into it.Just like how cleaning the house has to happen throughout one’s lifetime and is never a one time job, so is cleaning the refrigerator.

While the refrigerator is without a doubt, one of man’s best inventions, I believe each refrigerator has to come with a warning sign printed in block letters and in horrible colors saying ‘Out of sight does not mean out of kitchen.

I have a confession to make. I hate wasting food. OK, that’s not the confession part. The confession part is what comes next.So, every time we eat a meal, and tiny portion of some food is left over, I pack it well and push it into the refrigerator hoping that someday in the near future I may use it.Most of the time, I just think that I am going to use it for the next meal when my heart really knows I’m not.It would do me well if I just throw the tiny potion of the left over food into the garbage but still I just cannot do it.Gosh, does that make me a hoarder?

So when do I eventually use them? I don’t. They just sit in the refrigerator until the day that I run out of all tiny containers in my kitchen.Then starts my search for the containers which usually, are found inside my hoarding place,The refrigerator.(So, there you go, you know my darkest deepest secret now.)

So, what actually am I achieving in this? Well, catch this. Instead of feeling bad after every meal of tiny left overs, I just feel bad once in 3 days when I collectively throw them out.And those times too, I end up being glad cause I am united with all my tiny containers.I know I am kinda cheating myself, but hey! it works for me.

So the wisdom from my refrigerator? Just because I hide things and don’t see them anymore or I don’t think about them anymore does not mean they don’t exist.Reminds me of the lies we tell ourselves.

So what’s your deepest darkest secret?

CMB series : Chapter 3 – Your Knight/Princess has more often than once, been a peasant.

Have you ever noticed, how in your dating period, your boyfriend always seem to be the tall, handsome and most courageous person you’ve ever known. I’m sure guys feel the same way (in a opposit sense..ummm.. you know what I mean) about their girlfriend.If you havn’t noticed yet, think for a minute.Think about the stories you’ve heard about your boyfriend/girlfriend from themselves.Aren’t they all stories in which they have always emerged as the hero most of the times?

My hubby is a Basketball player and somehow, I have not watched him play a match, even once.I know he is an awesome player and quite a popular one in college too. I’ve heard stories of how he scored, how his team won and lost some crucial championships.Now,I’ve known my hubby for quite a few years and in most of those years we’ve been best buddies.But only recently did I hear him talk about a match that he sat out.Now, you see? My prince had been a peasant once.

Make me think about myself.I can name a million things that Arun knows about me now that he did not know before we were married.Incidents that make me look more like a peasant than the princess he (hopefully) thought I was.One example would be the way I look when I get up in the morning :).I was never a ‘make up’ person but I am sure I looked better outdoors than how I looked when I wake up.

Talking about the the stories we tell each other, it reminds me of the times, me and my friends used to wonder if whether we will ever run out of topics to talk with our spouse.After these many years of knowing Arun, I think I can safely say that I don’t think so.Cause, we still tell each other stories about ourselves that the other person do not know. Or maybe, both of us are just good story tellers. 🙂

Coming back to our CMB series, its really nice that we discover the peasant side of our spouse.What is even more nice is that our spouse choose to reveal that side to us.It means they are comfortable enough to share that part of life with us.It just makes them more normal.Makes them more like us. What say?

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